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The Daily Upgrade objective is live in FIFA 23 (Images via EA Sports)

FIFA 23 FUT Birthday Daily Login Upgrade: How to complete and all reward tiers

The FUT Birthday promo is in full swing in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, and EA Sports has introduced a brand new Daily Login system to encourage gamers to actively play the game. Not only do these Daily Login SBCs offer enticing pack rewards on a daily basis, but they also count towards completing an objective featuring even more untradeable rewards.

The system was implemented earlier in the FIFA 23 game cycle during the Winter Wildcards promo and Team of the Year. It was a massive success, with fans logging into Ultimate Team daily to complete the Upgrade SBC and claim their rewards.


The FUT Birthday Daily Login Upgrade objective is among the easiest SBCs in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

FUT Birthday has introduced two separate rosters of special cards for gamers to try and obtain for their squads. These special versions possess unique and appealing upgrades that significantly boost their viability on the virtual pitch, and fans will be eager to try them out in-game.

The Daily Login Upgrade objective offers precisely this opportunity, as its various reward tiers consist of untradeable packs as well as loan versions of FUT Birthday cards.


How to complete the Daily Login SBC

The Daily Login Upgrade objective is perhaps the cheapest and easiest SBC introduced in the history of the franchise. These are the stipulations mentioned in their requirements:

  • Player quality: Exactly Bronze
  • Number of players in the Squad: One

Since the SBC requires a single bronze player, it only costs 200 coins to complete. It offers an 81+ two rare gold players pack as well as a loan player pack containing RTTF, Fantasy FUT, and FF Hero cards.


The SBC will refresh daily over the course of the next two weeks, providing gamers with plenty of incentive to log in to FIFA 23 every day.

What are the reward tiers in the FUT Birthday Daily Login Upgrade objective in FIFA 23?

The objective consists of 12 tiers, each offering unique rewards:

  • 1 completion: 80+ Five Players Pack
  • 2 completions: Three 84+Players Pack
  • 3 completions: 83+ Double Player Pack
  • 4 completions: Loan FUT Birthday Marquinhos + FUT Birthday Swaps token
  • 5 completions: Three 83+ Players Pack
  • 6 completions: 84+ Rare Gold Player Pack
  • 7 completions: Loan FB Icon George Best + FUT Birthday Swaps token
  • 8 completions: Two 84+ players pack
  • 9 completions: Three 84+ players pack
  • 10 completions: Loan FB Icon Ferenc Puskas + FUT Birthday Swaps token
  • 11 completions: Five 84+ Players pack
  • 12 completions: 85+ Two Players pack

By completing all 12 segments over the two-week duration of the FUT Birthday event in FIFA 23, gamers can unlock a bonus Five 85+ Players Pack. Not only does this objective offer enticing untradeable packs and loan versions of some of the best cards in the game, but there are also three FUT Birthday Swaps tokens up for grabs. This makes the objective incredibly worthwhile.

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