Genshin Impact will soon release new skins for Amber, Mona, Lisa, and Rosaria (Image via Sportskeeda)

Genshin Impact Alternative outfits: All you need to know about upcoming free skins


Genshin Impact players will soon get 'alternate' outfits for Jean, Amber, Mona, and Rosaria. Unlike the skins for Keqing and Jean, these alternative outfits are entirely free.

Apparently, miHoYo had to change the way some characters, especially females, look in Genshin Impact. This is in accordance with China's censorship laws, owing to which players on Chinese servers have to use more conservative skins.


Here's everything there is to know about the upcoming outfits for Amber, Jean, Mona, and Rosaria.

Alternate outfits for Amber, Mona, Jean, and Rosaria in Genshin Impact revealed

The official tweet from Genshin Impact ahead of the 2.4 update's release only gave players a rough idea of how the new skins might look.

Dear Travelers,

We will release the Alternate Outfits, which are partial redesigns of the default outfits of "Dandelion Knight" Jean, "Gliding Champion" Amber, "Thorny Benevolence" Rosaria, and "Astral Reflection" Mona.

View details here:…
4:22 AM · Jan 5, 2022

The final product hasn't been revealed officially, but as usual, beta testers have leaked the skins.

The new skins are called:

  • Mona: Pact of Stars and Moon
  • Jean: Gunnhildr's Legacy
  • Amber: 100% Outrider
  • Rosaria: To the Church's Free Spirit

From the looks of it, there are minor changes in the color of all their clothes, except Jean, who now wears a black outfit.


Mona and Rosaria now seem to be wearing more formal clothes as well.

[2.5 Beta]

Mona Alternate Outfit
8:57 AM · Jan 20, 2022

How to get the Alternative outfits

The aforementioned outfits are compulsory for players on the Chinese servers. However, global users will have the freedom to either equip their characters with new skins or stick to the original designs.

[2.5 Beta]

Amber Alternate Outfit
8:58 AM · Jan 20, 2022

Chinese players will be given 1200 Primogems as compensation, but global players will not receive the award, as using the skin is voluntary for them.

[2.5 Beta]

Rosaria Alternate Outfit
8:59 AM · Jan 20, 2022

As of now, there is no information on the procedure to obtain the alternative skins for Amber, Mona, Rosaria, and Jean. The developers might send them via in-game mail or automatically add the designs to the Dressing Room.

It is no surprise that the community is divided on miHoYo releasing new skins for female characters. While some are enraged, others are elated that this move incentivized the designers to put more effort into the character outfits.

The alternative skins should ideally arrive in version 2.5, which will also introduce Yae Miko as a five-star Electro DPS unit.

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