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Genshin Impact Wriothesley (Image via HutaoLover77)

Genshin Impact Wriothesley leaks: Appearance, element, rarity, and release version

Genshin Impact's upcoming Fontaine expansion has been making the news among the community. With only a patch remaining before the next central region arrives, there are countless data mines and leaks, many of which have made their way to the surface of social media websites.

The following article focuses on one of many recently leaked upcoming characters in Genshin Impact. Wriothesley is the newly revealed data-mined character, who seems to be an Ice-wielding 5-star unit from Fontaine.


Some of the community's most reputed leakers, HutaoLover77 and SaveYourPrimos, have provided additional details to help everyone picture the character before their official reveals.

Disclaimer: The following article is based on leaks subject to change with the release. Readers should take each speculation with a grain of salt.


What will Wriothesley's appearance be like in Genshin Impact?

As mentioned, Genshin Impact's upcoming character, Wriothesley, has been leaked by multiple reputable data miners in the community. Based on the provided information on Twitter, it seems he shares the same hairstyle as Ritsuka Fujimaru from Fate: Grand Order, alongside a mixture of several white hairs in the front and grey hair at the back.

Mash and Ritsuka Fujimaru (Image via Fate: Grand Order)

Wriothesley's attire has been teased as Caelus' coat from Honkai Star Rail, which is black on the outside and wine-red on the inside. Based on leaks, his shirt seems grey-colored with a reversed collar and a red tie that appears loosely tied. Twitter user @HutaoLover77 recently released a sketch, hinting to the community about Wrthesley's official design, or at least something close to it.

Well, I'll give you a hint here.

Additional leaks claim that he has a black bandage all over his right arm and half of his left elbow. His left hand also seems to hold a half-finger glove, similar to Silver Wolf in Honkai Star Rail. His belt also consists of silver handcuffs, which might also be teasing his profession within the ranks of Fontaine.


Lastly, his eyes have been leaked to be blackish-green with dark circles.

What is Wriothesley's element and rarity in Genshin Impact?

Wriothesley's vision will most possibly be Cryo, as he is a damage dealer. One of the leaks claims that he might be an "elemental attacker," maybe teasing at a Catalyst weapon. If this information stays true, Wriothesley is all set to be the first Catalyst Cryo user in the game.

おそらく5 氷元素アタッカー/DPSだ

Via randialos

Wriothesley will be a 5-star character as well, making him one of the few teased characters from the Fontaine expansion alongside Focalors. Readers should remember that these are based on speculations and leaks and are subject to change.

When will Wriothesley be released in Genshin Impact?

The most recent information from HutaoLover77 has confirmed Wriothesley's release date to be in Genshin Impact 4.1.

Wriothesley description, courtesy of currently-deactivated @hxg_diluc .

Based on previous patches, Wriothesley will have his banner alongside Fontaine's Archon.

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