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How to use Lavaloon Strategy in Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans players always need to have some strategies for their attacks. One can't not have strategies and always manage to have a successful 3-star raid. Strategies make attacking easier as the player gets to carefully study the enemy base and plan their attack.

There are so many strategies out there for clashers and each one of them serves a different purpose. Lavaloon is one of the oldest and most effective air attack strategies. It is a troop combination consisting mainly of lava hounds and balloons.


In this article, players are going to learn all about the Lavaloon attack and how to use it in Clash of Clans.

A step-by-step guide on how players can use the Lavaloon strategy in Clash of Clans


One can break down the attack into the following steps to make it easier:

  • Get the troop and spell combination right
  • Create a funnel
  • Deploy troops
  • Use the spells to provide support

1) Get the troop and spell combination right

Clash of Clans Lavaloon Troop Combination (Image via YouTube/Clash with Harry)
Clash of Clans Lavaloon Spell Combination (Image via YouTube/Clash with Harry)

Take the correct troops and spells for your attack. The Lava hound acts as a tank and absorbs all the damage while the balloons deal damage from behind. Spells, heroes and other troops provide the necessary support required to win the attack.


2) Create a funnel

Funnel (Image via YouTube/Clash with Harry)

Create a funnel using minions, wizards and bowlers. Drop the Archer Queen behind them and use healers to provide support to the queen (Queen Walk). Once the funnel has been created and the air defenses near the perimeter of the base have been taken out, the troops are ready to be deployed.

3) Deploy troops

Troop placement (Image via YouTube/Clash with Harry)

Use a stone slammer with balloons inside it and drop lava hounds with it. Start deploying the balloons in a line behind the hound. As the hound absorbs the damage, the balloons enter the base while dealing damage to the building units.

4) Use the spells to provide support

Spell placement (Image via YouTube/Clash with Harry)

Drop the spells on the troops to provide extra support in Clash of Clans. Use Rage and Haste on the balloons to increase their attack speed and damage. Use freeze spells to freeze the remaining air defenses and inferno towers.

Once all of this is done, one just has to wait and watch the enemy base go down!

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