Kai Cenat banned from Twitch days after passing out from doing too much w*ed on stream (Image via Sportskeeda)

“Common Twitch L”: Fans react to possibility that Kai Cenat was banned for consuming too much w*ed

Kai Cenat's recent ban from Twitch got his fans into a frenzy, as shortly after the announcement, people took to social media to protest the ban. While the reason has not been corroborated by the streamer or Twitch, many think the ban was administered because he passed out on stream after doing w*ed edibles.

Suffice it to say, most of his supporters were not happy with Twitch's decision, with many taking to social media to vent their frustration by repeating the common phrase, "Common Twitch L":


"Banned before subathon": Kai Cenat tweets about his ban as people speculate reason

According to the Streamer Bans automated bot on Twitter, this is Kai Cenat's fourth ban, and as one of the biggest content creators on Twitch, the announcement naturally attracted a lot of attention.


A couple of days ago, the 21-year-old Twitch sensation ate a bunch of w*ed edibles in the form of chocolate or candy on stream with fellow creator Fanumtv. The two then hopped on a Discord call with others, such as YourRageGaming, to begin gaming before grabbing a bite.

However, within an hour of consuming the edibles, Kai Cenat appeared unwell and could not continue streaming. Around the 51-minute mark of the VOD embedded below, Fanum had to help the Streamer of the Year end his stream after it appeared he was passing out.

Timestamp 51:05

The incident occurred a couple of days ago, and while some feel that getting high on stream is not against TOS unless it breaks local laws, passing out seems to be where Twitch draws the line. Here are a couple of Redditors from r/LivestreamFail talking about the same:


Esports personality Jake Lucky tweeted something along the same lines as users online began debating the cause of Kai Cenat's ban.

Not sure if it's him passing out from too much weed or if it's due to the legality of where he resides while streaming

While the streamer has not addressed the reason for the ban, he did take to Twitter to point out that it came just before his subathon, hindering his plans. Using some laughing emojis in the post, Kai also noted that the suspension came at a time when he wasn't even streaming.

Banned Before Subathon I Haven’t Even Been LiveGG

Here are a few more reactions from his fans and supporters, with many asking Twitch to reverse the decision:

@KaiCenat twitch is trippin
@KaiCenat Youtube Live is waiting
@KaiCenat Ain’t no way bro

Kai Cenat had a meteoric rise to fame last year, but it came with several controversies. As of now, it is unclear how long the AMP member will be banned from the platform, but the pop-up on his Twitch page claims that the suspension is temporary.

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