Future Stars Swaps rewards have been leaked (Image via Twitter/FUT Sheriff)

Complete list of FIFA 23 Future Stars Swaps rewards, featuring George Best, Zola, and more

With the current Team of the Year promo approaching its conclusion in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, leaks have begun to surface regarding the upcoming Future Stars event. Renowned leak-based Twitter account FUT Sheriff recently announced that this fan-favorite promo will return to Ultimate Team in FIFA 23, along with a comprehensive Swaps system.

Future Stars Swaps Rewards!

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Future Stars has been amongst the most popular promos in FUT since its inception in FIFA 19. It usually follows closely after Team of the Year and is aimed at recognizing the most stellar young talent in the world of football. These prodigies receive FUT cards with massive stat boosts to reflect their future potential and are some of the most coveted items in the game.

Note: This article is speculative and based entirely on leaks from social media.

The Future Stars promo will feature an engaging Swaps system in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

Based on leaks by FUT Sheriff, Future Stars will follow Team of the Year as the next event in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, much to the excitement of fans. Several young prospects are playing at the highest level in the world of club football, and their performances will be recognized by EA Sports with these brand-new boosted special cards.


However, the most exciting aspect of the upcoming promo is the return of the Swaps system. This system was previously implemented during the World Cup and Winter Wildcards, keeping fans engaged by offering a wide variety of untradeable rewards in exchange for tokens earned through SBCs or gameplay objectives.

What will Future Stars Swaps consist of in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team?

While it is yet to be disclosed whether the Swap tokens will be obtained through SBCs or objectives, a wide gallery of rewards has been leaked by FUT Sheriff. These are all the items that can be claimed during the event:

  • 3 tokens: Future Stars Team 1 Player pack
  • 5 tokens: Base Icon Gianfranco Zola
  • 10 tokens: 84+ 20 players pack
  • 10 tokens: Moments Phillipe Coutinho
  • 15 tokens: 87+ player pick (Winter Wildcards/ FUT Centurions/ Future Stars Team 1)
  • 15 tokens: 85+ 10 Players pack
  • 20 tokens: Mid Icon George Best
  • 25 tokens: 2 85+ 10 players packs
  • 27 tokens: Prime Icon Pick (1 of 3)

Leaks are yet to reveal how many total tokens will be up for grabs over the course of the two-week event. However, the list of rewards has already caused quite a stir amongst the FIFA 23 community on social media, with many already contemplating what the best options are.

With a guaranteed Team 1 player from the promo being available for only one token, it is undoubtedly a must-do option in FIFA 23. While Icons like George Best and Gianfranco Zola are exceptional in-game, it is rather disappointing that their Prime versions are not up for grabs.

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