Another special card has been leaked online (images via EA Sports, Twitter/FUT Arcade)

FIFA 23 leaks hint at Mexican shot-stopper Guillermo Ochoa appearing in FUT World Cup Stories

Guillermo Ochoa is all set to be part of the FIFA 23 FUT World Cup Stories promo if the latest leaks are to be believed. This will be the first instance of the Mexican getting a special card in the game.

Following an earlier leak about Angel Di Maria, reliable leaker FUT Arcade has dropped another piece of insider information for all gamers.


FUT World Cup Stories seems to be the next upcoming promo, and the leaks started appearing as the weekend came to an end. The first to appear was the card of Liverpool defender Virgil Van Dijk, and since then, several more have been released on social media. Suffice it to say that the upcoming promo will also be a part of FIFA World Cup-themed events introduced by EA Sports.

Image of the leaked card (image via Twitter/FUT Arcade)

What will surprise many is EA Sports' choice to go for Ochoa, who has made a name for himself in the World Cups. Some of his most memorable performances have come at grand events, making him a cult hero in the footballing community. FIFA 23 players will no longer have to rely on their base card, which is quite limited in terms of overall and stats.

The exact details haven't been released yet, so the official numbers could vary from the predicted values. Ochoa has become famous for his stunning reflexes and inhumane saves that have become rather common during football matches. Any special card will have high reflexes and diving to reflect those achievements.

Interestingly, FUT Arcade has predicted the overall FUT World Cup Stories card to be at 84, which is no longer high considering the current stage of FIFA 23. The actual overall will be higher, but that remains to be seen. Fans will have to wait until Friday to see whether the Mexican keeper eventually makes it to the promo.


It is important to note that leaks are not official information and the actual release might not contain the card as presented.

Ochoa's leaked FIFA 23 FUT World Cup Stories card follows a sequence of earlier leaks

As mentioned above, several FUT World Cup Stories cards coming to FIFA 23 Ultimate Team have been leaked. It all started with the leaks of Virgil Van Dijk and Marcus Rashford, who are set to receive significant boosts from their base versions.

Rashford🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 is added to come as World Cup Stories player

Stats expected✍🏻

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This was followed by the leak of Sane's special card, which seems to be in a central position. Usually, the German operates as a wide attacker, so a CAM card could be rather unique.

Stars like Angel Di Maria, Marco Asensio, and Aymeric Laporte have also been featured in the leaks. It remains to be seen how many of these cards will eventually make it to the final release and what kind of overalls and stats will be assigned to them.

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