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Shenhe as shown in her teaser (Image via HoYoverse)

Genshin Impact Shenhe banner countdown and Ayaka release time in version 3.5

The second phase of Genshin Impact 3.5 is only a few hours away from hitting official servers, as HoYoverse prepares to release two highly-anticipated characters in separate banners. Players will have the opportunity to obtain Shenhe and Kamisato Ayaka through the new banners, along with a new 4-star character named Mika.

HoYoverse has revealed that both characters' release date and time will be on March 21 at 6 pm server time. While this is similar to the character banners in the second phase, the following article will list the countdown for all major servers.


Additionally, both Shenhe and Ayaka's banners will be online for 21 days until the release of version 3.6.

Countdown to the release of Genshin Impact 3.5 second phase alongside Shenhe and Kamisato Ayaka

Shenhe and Ayaka's banner will be released on March 21 at 6 pm server time. However, release times will differ depending on your region. The following is the countdown to the release of Genshin Impact 3.5, according to Indian Standard Time.

The Event Wish "The Transcendent One Returns" will be available after March 21, 2023 18:00 (Server Time)! During this period, "Lonesome Transcendence" Shenhe (Cryo) will receive a huge drop-rate boost, so don't miss out~

#GenshinImpact #Shenhe twitter.com/Paimon2theMoon…
Shenhe Illustration

"It's... nice to have a gathering with friends after training."

#GenshinImpact #Shenhe

This list might help clear any confusion about the release time of the second phase on all significant SEAS servers:

  • China: 6 pm
  • Indonesia: 5 pm
  • India: 3:30 pm

To avoid further confusion, players should note that character banners in the second phase of any update on the EU servers arrive seven hours after the release on SEAS servers. Similarly, American servers can expect the banners and the update to come 13 hours after the SEAS release or six hours after the EU release.

Dear Travelers, the event wishes "The Transcendent One Returns," "The Heron's Court," and "Epitome Invocation" will be available on March 21!

See more details here: hoyo.link/56EUCBAd

#HoYoverse #GenshinImpact

Genshin Impact's official Discord server can also help players track the release times of the three central servers. Users can head to the current-events channel under the Previews and Spotlight tab.

Voice Artist Announcement

"There's nothing to fear... so long as I don't cause any trouble for my squadmates."

Voice Artist
EN VA: Robb Moreira

Click here to listen>>> genshin.hoyoverse.com/en/character/m…

#GenshinImpact #Mika

The following two countdowns showcase the times for Genshin Impact 3.5 phase 2 release on American and European servers, respectively:

1) Countdown from IST until release in American servers:


2) Countdown from IST until release on European servers:

Hence, the release times for both regions mentioned above are as follows:

  • Pacific Time: 4 pm (March 21).
  • Eastern Time: 1 pm (March 21).

Both banners will be online alongside an additional weapons banner for 21 days until April 12, 2023.

How will the pity system work for both characters?

Genshin Impact's multiple banner system will be implemented later in the game, allowing players to choose one character to pull for. However, the pity count carries on across both banners, regardless of the character players want to pull.

Pity count page (Image via HoYoverse)

The featured 4-stars in both Shenhe and Ayaka's banners will be Mika, Diona, and Sucrose.

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