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"It was a team decision for me to leave the team, not mine": Shadow7 on leaving S8UL's New State Mobile lineup

A few hours ago, popular New State Mobile player and ex-S8UL star Shadow7 uploaded an Instagram story mentioning the reasons why he left the organization after the conclusion of the ESL Snapdragon Pro Series: New State Mobile LAN event.

He highlighted how the S8UL management decided to part ways with him after the event, and he was not the one to decide anything. He urged fans to stop questing him.


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His exact words were:

"It was a team decision for me to leave the team, not mine. So stop questioning me. I think all your questions are answered."

He also stated that fans should stop spreading hate towards him as he tried his best to adapt, and the tournament stats proved his worth.


Considering Shadow7 and S8UL have one of the largest fanbases in the gaming community, the pro's comments have naturally created a good deal of buzz amongst fans.

Ex-S8UL New State Mobile player Shadow7 shares his frustration on Instagram after being abused online

In another story, Shadow7 vented his frustration, mentioning how he was cited as the reason why S8UL finished in eighth position in the LAN tournament. He went on to point out how he followed Opticgod's words and adapted to a new playstyle that was eventually helping the team out, evident in their top-spot finish in the semi-finals.

He also spoke about several problems that the lineup went through during the tournament that couldn't be publicly stated.


A few days back, the team manager, Sid, stated in his livestream how Shadow7 was added to the lineup before the tournament as a trial player and hence was released after the conclusion of the New State Mobile LAN event.

The statement seemed to cause Shadow7 problems as he was called a "trial player" by many fans and was also abused for the same reason. Addressing the situation, he mentioned that he joined the roster as a leader and was always touted as part of the main lineup. Blazingod was added as the fifth player.

His exact words were:

"One more thing, I was never a trial player as Sid bhai said those guys who are now coming to me saying me 'trial player' and abusing me. Before the announcement of Team S8UL, I think, team has already cleared me that I am part of the team and will be leading the team and a main four player. Blazingod was said to be the fifth player."

With Shadow7 becoming a free agent, it remains to be seen which New State Mobile side will pick him to bolster their roster.


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