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LoLdle answers March 22,2023 (Image via Riot Games)

League of Legends LoLdle #258: Answers for Wednesday, March 22, 2023

On March 22, 2023, League of Legends LoLdle released a brand new puzzle for fans across the globe. As always, the core objective of the puzzle is to guess certain champions based on their affiliation, quotes, ability, and splash art from the game.

Thus, the solutions for League of Legends LoLdle number 258 have been briefly discussed in this article. The answers for March 22 were extremely easy as the champions are really popular in both solo-queue as well as professional meta.

We put our team's Loldle skills to the test...

Turns out @huhi and @Licorice really are the GOATs

It is also vital to note that players attempting the LoLdle puzzles should always try to guess the answers for themselves before looking into the solutions.

League of Legends LoLdle answers for March 22, 2023

The answers for League of Legends LoLdle on March 22, 2023 are as follows:


Classic: Nidalee

Quote: Shen

Ability: Mordekaiser, Bonus: W

Emoji: Jinx

Splash Art: Nautilus, Bonus: Shan Hai Scrolls Nautilus


Previous Results for League of Legends LoLdle

The answers to some of the past puzzles from League of Legends LoLdle are as follows:

  • March 21, 2023, LoLdle = Dr. Mundo, Aphelio, Fizz, Rell, Bard
  • March 20, 2023, LoLdle = Miss Fortune, Thresh, Lulu, Galio, Cassiopeia
  • March 19, 2023, LoLdle = Malzahar, Camille, Dr. Mundo, Nasus, Volibear
  • March 18, 2023, LoLdle = Taliyah, Urgot, Diana, Darius, Blitzcrank
  • March 17, 2023, LoLdle = Hecarim, Twitch, Talon, Pyke, Gnar
  • March 16, 2023, LoLdle = Kindred, Neeko, Hecarim, Anivia, Jinx
  • March 15, 2023, LoLdle = Urgot, Lillia, Syndra, Aurelion Sol, Rakan
  • March 14, 2023, LoLdle = Fizz, Hecarim, Gnar, Ashe, Nocturne
  • March 13, 2023, LoLdle = Malphite, Tahm Kench, Vi, Sylas, Vayne
  • March 12, 2023, LoLdle = Ziggs, Anivia, Bel’Veth, Heimerdinger, Sejuani
  • March 11, 2023, LoLdle = Camille, Nocturne, Kha'Zix, Kled, Kennen
  • March 10, 2023, LoLdle = Sett, Shaco, Trundle, Warwick, Katarina
Our most important pre-game tradition: daily LoLdle

Coming to today's answers, Nidalee is probably the only one that can be a bit tricky to guess. She is not as popular as the other junglers in the game, which means that several players might not be aware of her regional affiliation and her release date. Shen and Mordekaiser are pretty easy guesses, as both these toplane champions are quite popular in solo queue.

Jinx is obviously one of the most prominent champions in the entire game, and even the most casual players will be able to guess her name. Lastly, Nautilus is one of the most popular support champions out there, which means players should be able to figure him out from the splash art puzzle with ease.

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