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Day 3 of PMPL SA Week 2 concluded on March 31 (Image via PUBG Mobile)

PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) 2023 Spring South Asia Week 2 Day 3: Overall standings, overview, and more

The PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) South Asia Spring Week 2 is well underway, and the competition has been nothing short of thrilling. Day 3 of the tournament came to a close on March 31, and fans were treated to an exhilarating display of skill and strategy from some of the best teams in the SA region.

Stalwart Esports, despite having an average day, clung on to their first spot with 81 kills and 117 points. 4Merical Vibes, with two Chicken Dinners, jumped three places to finish second with 74 kills and 115 points. DRS Gaming had another fine day, which helped them claim the third rank with 96 points.


IHC Esports and T2K Esports lost their spots, slipping to the fourth and fifth ranks, respectively. Skylightz Gaming accumulated 46 points in five matches to finish in the top ten and secure the seventh spot after PMPL Week 2 Day 3.

There were not many changes in the overall league standings, as 4Merical maintained their lead, with Stalwart Esports and DRS Gaming following closely behind.

PMPL SA Week 2 Day 3 results


Match 1

HighVoltage Esports registered an eight-frag victory in the first match of Day 3, which was played on Sanhok. Skylightz Gaming might have won this game but was eventually outnumbered and had to settle for the second spot with nine eliminations. NB Esports went berserk to grab 11 frags in the match despite an early exit.

Top 10 teams table after PMPL SA Week 2 Day 3 (Image via PUBG Mobile)

Match 2

Skylightz Gaming took full advantage of the trenches in the second Erangel game, coming out on top with eight frags. DRS KillerYt, the MVP of this match, took his team to second rank with nine frags.


Match 3

4Merical Vibes, who has had an amazing run in the PMPL so far, acquired the Chicken Dinner with 12 frags. Their fragger East922 was the MVP of this game for his four kills. Mongolian powerhouse Stalwart Esports exhibited some nice gameplay to grab 11 frag points, while Leo Esports, with their aggressive DNA, took out eight enemies once again,.

Illumin8 Crew (Image via PUBG Mobile)

Match 4

The fourth battle — played on Miramar — saw 4Merical Vibes get the victory with 11 frags. Their high-ridge gameplay, coupled with slick rotations, helped them win it. Illlumin8 Crew and DRS were eliminated in the middle but managed to grab seven and six kills.


Match 5

After a few good matches on the PMPL Week 2 Day 3, Raw Officials finally managed to grab their first Chicken Dinner of this week with 12 kills. SEAL Esports' aggressive gameplay fetched them 12 kills, and their member Rogue was named MVP of the match. Skylightz Gaming displayed balanced gameplay and accumulated 12 points.

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