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PMSL Week 1 wrapped up on March 26 (Image via PUBG Mobile)

PUBG Mobile Super League (PMSL) 2023 Spring Week 1: Overall standings, top players, overview, and more

Veteran squad, Vampire Esports from Thailand, emerged as the table toppers with the conclusion of PUBG Mobile Super League (PMSL): Spring 2023's first week today.

On the final day of the first week, the Thai squad displayed their prowess, skill, and game sense to dethrone Indonesian team VOIN Esports from the top spot and claim the pole position with 216 points and 136 kills. In total, they managed to collect four Chicken Dinners this week, two of which came today.


VOIN Esports, who completed their quota of 18 matches for the week yesterday, were dethroned from the top spot today. However, the squad played brilliantly throughout the week and claimed second spot on the leaderboard with 203 points and 134 kills.

PMSL Spring 2023 Week 1 overview

Week 1 overall standings of PMSL Spring 2023 (Image via PUBG Mobile)

Faze Clan from Thailand, who remained within touching distance of the podium spot for the initial five days, was finally able to claim the third spot at the end of the week. The team displayed consistency, contrary to their earlier playstyle, and managed to accumulate 184 points and 113 kills with the help of two chicken dinners.


Mela from Faze Clan is leading the MVP list following the completion of the PMSL's first week. The player, who was already quite deadly before, shone brightly this week to secure 48 eliminations with overall damage of 9946 HP.

Mela claimed 48 kills in PMSL Week 1 (Image via PUBG Mobile)

SchwepXz from Vampire Esports stands at the second spot in the rankings with 45 kills. Meanwhile, Indonesian player Rosemary from Alter Ego rests in third spot with 36 frags.

Two other Thai teams, HAIL Esports and Bacon Time, found themselves in the top five rankings, with the latter performing extremely well today and securing two Chicken Dinners. On the other hand, HAIL Esports, who were at one point in contention for the top three spots for the week, fell to the fourth spot after being overtaken by Faze Clan.

Fan-favorite Indonesian teams Bigetron Red Villains and Persija EVOS had an average run this week as they finished in the 11th and 14th spot, respectively. Team Bigetron, who were struggling badly at the start of the week, improved slightly as the week came to an end. Persija EVOS, on the other hand, found it difficult to break through the intense competition in the SEA region.

Week 1 bonus rankings of PMSL (Image via PUBG Mobile)

Indonesian and Vietnamese teams RRQ and D'Xavier found themselves in the middle of the points table at 9th and 10th spots. Both these squads showed sparks of glory, but were unable to put forth consistent performances.

With the first week done, teams for the second week will now be grouped according to their performance in Week 1. The teams who lucked out this week will try and come back stronger in the remaining two weeks for a shot to qualify for the Finals of the PMSL event.

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