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FUT Birthday Iwobi has been leaked (Images via EA Sports and Twitter/FUT Sheriff)

FIFA 23 leaks reveal Alex Iwobi as an upcoming FUT Birthday player SBC

The first phase of the FUT Birthday event is in full swing in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, and leaks have revealed Everton attacker Alex Iwobi as part of the roster. The Nigerian winger is rumored to receive a special card via an SBC or objective in FUT, and gamers will be eager to learn more about this exciting Premier League card.

FUT Birthday is an event that celebrates the creation of Ultimate Team. This is the 14-year anniversary of the legendary franchise and EA Sports have left no stone unturned in providing gamers with the best experience possible, releasing several overpowered special cards. These players feature unique boosts to their skill moves and weak foot abilities, with Alex Iwobi also leaked as an inclusion.


Note: This article is speculative and based entirely on leaks by Twitter/FUT Sheriff.

Alex Iwobi will receive a FUT Birthday variant in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

Despite having an extremely underwhelming season and battling relegation in the Premier League, Everton has had somewhat of a resurgence in recent times. With a string of positive results, the Merseyside club will be hopeful of retaining their top-flight status and Alex Iwobi will have a major role to play.


The Nigerian winger has been leaked as an upcoming FUT Birthday objective/SBC in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, much to the delight of Everton and Premier League fans.

What does the FUT Birthday card look like?

Iwobi is coming as FUT Birthday SBC/OBJ

Stats are prediction ✍🏻

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While the exact overall rating and attributes of the card are unknown, FUT Sheriff included a prediction that suggests the 87-rated version will possess the following key stats:

  • Pace: 91
  • Dribbling: 92
  • Shooting: 84
  • Defending: 46
  • Passing: 86
  • Physicality: 74

It is yet to be disclosed whether Iwobi will receive five-star skill moves or a five-star weak foot. Based on the pace and dribbling-based meta of FIFA 23, gamers will be hoping that the former is true, as it is crucial in breaking down the opposition's defense on the virtual pitch.

How will the card perform in-game?

Depending on the stats and boosts provided to this FUT Birthday card, Iwobi has the potential to be a viable winger in FIFA 23. He has the pace and dribbling skills to create space on the flanks as well as the passing and shooting skills to create goal-scoring chances.

If the card is easy to unlock, he will undoubtedly be extremely popular with FUT fans, especially if he possesses five-star skill moves.

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