"The lengthy meta is over": Fans react to the changes made to the latest patch in FIFA 23

The latest Title Update is live in FIFA 23 (Images via EA Sports)
The latest Title Update is live in FIFA 23 (images via EA Sports)

EA Sports has released the latest Title Update for FIFA 23, and there have been some drastic changes made to several aspects of gameplay. The patch notes cover all the visual, performative, and gameplay changes in detail, including nerfed trivela shots, improved ball rolls, and fixes to goalkeeper animations. However, the changes made to acceleration types have created the most stir among fans.

Twitter has been buzzing due to the buff provided for explosive and controlled acceleration types in FIFA 23. This means that the meta of lengthy players being overpowered in FIFA 23 is no more, and the game will revert to the pace meta that its predecessors adhered to.

With the new AcceleRATE feature being such a massive aspect of the game on the new-gen consoles, changing how effective these acceleration types are has divided the FIFA community, with fans taking to social media to express their views and opinions.

Fans have had their say about the changes introduced in the latest patch of FIFA 23

As expected, these changes have created quite a commotion on Twitter. While some believe that this alteration was necessary to make certain players usable in-game, others are disappointed as the series will once again return to the pace meta fans have become used to over the years.

If any proof was needed, IamFrench on Twitter pitched various players possessing different acceleration types against each other in a pace battle and shared the results in a tweet. It is evident that explosive and controlled players can now hold their own against lengthy players.

With lengthy players not being as effective as they used to be, their price has suffered tremendously in FIFA 23. A fan pointed out how Cristiano Ronaldo's price has dropped dramatically in the past few hours, and he is approaching fodder status when it comes to his value in the FUT transfer market.

With the price of lengthy players dropping at an alarming rate, the community is panicking as they are losing coins on their teams. Popular FIFA streamer R9Rai was not too pleased with the latest patch, as most of his squad consists of lengthy players.

Another disgruntled fan expressed their disappointment in a tweet, as EA Sports nerfed both lengthy players and trivela shots in the same patch, which they considered to be the only fun aspects of FIFA 23.

While this opinion is echoed by many, there are also gamers who believe that this is a step in the right direction, as it adds an element of realism to the meta of the game.

In a completely separate take, some fans also believe that this change is not conclusive yet. A Twitter user tried to debunk the theory by debating the proof provided by IamFrench, claiming that it is not a definitive example of lengthy players being nerfed.

Without a doubt, the latest patch in FIFA 23 is the most controversial one yet. It has potentially changed the very core mechanics of the title, forcing gamers to alter the way they approach the game.

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