"The trivela is overpowered beyond reason": FIFA 23 community wants the outside foot shot to be nerfed

Players like Neymar are extremely proficient with the trivela shots (Image via EA Sports)
Players like Neymar are extremely proficient with the trivela shots (Image via EA Sports)

Trivela shots in FIFA 23 seem to be having a strong impact this season, to an extent that the community is quite furious with it. Also known as the outside foot shot, it applies a curl to the ball that swings from the outside. While the mechanic has been present in previous annual releases, the impact has been much more prominent this year.

Every release is expected to have a few strong points, but the trivela shot has reached new heights. While overly strong cards are yet to be added to the game, many common cards are already hitting near-impossible shots and scoring goals.

Many in the community believe that EA Sports needs to do something to fix it. With the Weekend League and FUT Champions in the full fray, some players find it impossible to counter the best defenses and goalkeepers. It's causing frustration for many as they feel the trivela shots don't work as intended.

FIFA 23 community is upset with how 'broken' trivela shots are

The original post was made by Reddit user u/waailasif3, who described the problem with the trivela shots in the game. They are irritated that the shots can score goals from almost any distance, which isn't how it should work. Other community members also agreed and felt that the developers should make changes to improve the game's balance.

Some players feel that finesse shots have been unnecessarily nerfed this season. They also find it absurd that trivelas work better than finesse, although the former is a much harder skill to execute in real-life football.

Another member feels that it's the system of pressing in FIFA 23 which should be altered. They feel that the stamina system of the game is unfair and affects both teams.

One player also added that the stamina system feels unfair as to how both teams are affected, even if one isn't pressing.

It seems that the cards with the correct traits can apply maximum curve on trivela shots. Normally, this works in the same fashion as the finesse shot trait in FIFA 23, but putting the same on trivelas makes it impossible to counter.

One person stated how trivela shots can become the deciding factor in division 1 matches, which have some of the highest-skilled players in the game.

Another Reddit user finds it problematic as to how properly created chances are saved easily by the goalkeepers. Yet, long shots somehow go into the goal in unrealistic fashion due to how the mechanic works in the game.

Few members in the FIFA 23 community have defended the mechanic by calling it a counter to the extreme defensive formations. Yet, trivelas seem to work perfectly against other strategies and don't even require the execution of a skill.

One player feels that upgrading the goalkeepers will fix the problem.

One FIFA 23 player added that people resort to such mechanics when they can't score normally. To make sure this doesn't happen, other forms of goal scoring should be buffed and features like finesse shots should have greater impact.

It remains to be seen if the trivelas will be nerfed in the future or not. Right now, the mechanic is having an unprecedented impact and a nerf is highly desired by many to improve the in-game balance.