FIFA 23: What is new AcceleRATE feature, and how does it work?

The new AcceleRATE feature has revolutionized FIFA 23 gameplay (Images via EA Sports)
The new AcceleRATE feature has revolutionized FIFA 23 gameplay (Images via EA Sports)

FIFA 23 has been released for audiences worldwide, and the iconic football simulation series' latest installment is probably the most realistic experience to date. With Hypermotion 2.0, gameplay mechanics and animations have been refined to facilitate immersion through the inclusion of lifelike players and their abilities.

AcceleRATE, which is a part of Hypermotion 2.0, is an all-new feature in FIFA 23's engine. It has garnered a lot of hype in the community, especially due to EA Sports' latest Pitch Notes that provided a lot of details about this new addition. The feature is exclusive to the New-Gen version of FIFA 23 and has revolutionized how the meta works in the game.

How the new AcceleRATE feature has improved the viability of a lot of players in FIFA 23?

Experienced FIFA veterans know that stats are not the only factor that affects the effectiveness of a player. Many variables affect how well individuals perform on the virtual pitch, and for a long time, these factors have remained constant across various iterations in the series. However, with the AcceleRATE feature in FIFA 23, this system has been completely overhauled.

What is AcceleRATE in FIFA 23?


AcceleRATE is a classification system in FIFA 23 that segregates players into three categories based on their body type and movement patterns. These are the categories and stipulations included in the new system:


These are players who are rapid over a short distance and can use these bursts of speed to leave defenders behind. They are extremely agile and nimble on the ball but lack in the physicality department. A player needs to meet the following criteria to qualify as an explosive player:

  • Agility >= 65
  • {Agility - Strength} >= 15
  • Acceleration >= 74
  • Height
  • Example player: Vinicius Jr.


These players are not as rapid as explosive players with regard to short bursts of speed but can catch up to anyone over longer distances. What they lack in raw pace, they make up for with their sheer domineering physical presence. A player needs to meet the following criteria to qualify as a lengthy player:

  • Strength >= 65
  • {Strength - Agility} >= 14
  • Acceleration >= 55
  • Height >= 174 cm
  • Example player: Virgil van Dijk


Any footballer who does not qualify as either an explosive or lengthy player falls in this category, offering a balanced playstyle.

Example player: Son Heung-min

How does AcceleRATE affect the FIFA 23 meta?

For years, pace has been the most dominant and overpowered stat in FIFA. The quicker the player, the better and more effective he is in-game. This rendered many excellent and high-rated players unusable in previous iterations of the series.

Harry Kane, Sergio Busquets, Toni Kroos, and Mats Hummels are all exceptional footballers; however, on the virtual pitch, they were absolutely worthless.


That said, with the new AcceleRATE feature, these players can finally be utilized to their full potential. Footballers in the Lengthy category are especially overpowered in the current meta of FIFA 23. This is because not only do they possess strong physical traits, but across longer distances, they are faster than explosives players.


This revelation has taken the FIFA community by storm, especially fans of FIFA Ultimate Team. FUT users have been experimenting with various cards and chemstyles to boost various stats and convert footballers into the Lengthy category. By simply applying an Architect chemstyle to someone like Cristiano Ronaldo or Karim Benzema, they are transformed into Lengthy types, making them unstoppable in the game.

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