FIFA 23: What is pace (PAC), and why is it important in the game?

Pace has always been the most important stat in FIFA (Image via EA Sports)
Pace has always been the most important stat in FIFA (Image via EA Sports)

With FIFA 23 coming out soon, people expect it to capture the imagination of football fans around the world. The game will be released worldwide on September 30, and the excitement in the community of the series is palpable.

Over the years, FIFA games have had different meta-tactics that provide gamers with the most efficient and effective approach to the titles. From low-driven shots in FIFA 18 to crosses and long-range finesses in FIFA 19 and more, the tactics are different every year. However, one aspect has retained its importance since the earliest iterations of the franchise: pace.


Pace is king, and this trend will most likely continue in FIFA 23

Since the iconic football simulation series' inception, pace has been a defining trait gamers look for in every player, regardless of the position they play in. While other stats play a part as well, pace is by far the most consistent way to judge a player's effectiveness.

What is Pace?

Pace is a combination of two different stats in FIFA: sprint speed and acceleration. It is basically a value that reflects how fast a player is on the virtual pitch. While many factors play a part in how rapid an athlete feels to control, including their in-game body type, height, and agility, pace stats are by far the most crucial.


The sprint speed stat depicts what the player's maximum potential speed is. On the other hand, the acceleration value is a measure of how quickly an athlete approaches his maximum speed. These two numbers work cohesively to determine how fast the player is in the game.

Why is pace important?

Regardless of how realistic FIFA 23 might be in terms of simulating real-life football, it will always be a video game in essence. Gamers don’t have a full 90 minutes to play out each game in FIFA, so the compact nature of the matches means that players have to perform at a higher tempo.

In such a scenario, intricate and realistic footballing is a far-fetched idea, and players often rely on raw pace to blitz past their opponents.


With players preferring pace demons in their attack, defenders need to be quick in order to counter this tactic. Even midfielders need to be rapid, as they are the ones responsible for controlling the match; these athletes have to cover the most distance on the pitch.

All of this combined creates a system where every player on the field needs to possess competent pace stats in to not come across as a burden.

What does this mean for FIFA 23?

The fastest players in the game will most likely be the most effective in yet another FIFA cycle.

With the latest Xbox glitch revealing a host of player ratings for FIFA 23, the community has got some insight regarding who the best players will be. With players like Messi and Ronaldo receiving massive pace downgrades, their performances will suffer drastically in FIFA 23. However, players like Mbappe, Vinicius Junior, and Mohamed Salah will be overpowered once again.

With a host of new features and changes being introduced in terms of gameplay, FIFA 23 has the potential to be superior to other titles in the series. The new Hypermotion 2.0 system will add an increased sense of realism to the title's mechanics. Moreover, it will also improve the overall immersion.

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