FIFA 23: 10 reasons to play the game

FIFA 23 is a must-buy title for fans of the legendary franchise (Image via EA Sports)
FIFA 23 is a must-buy title for fans of the legendary franchise (Image via EA Sports)

FIFA 23 will be released worldwide on September 30. EA Sports have provided significant details regarding the upcoming game through trailers and pitch notes, and the hype is at an all-time high amongst the community.


With a host of new features and changes being added to the game, the latest iteration of the legendary series is set to be a unique one. However, many fans have grown wary of EA's annual release model and refuse to indulge by buying the game every year.

Here's why FIFA 23 might be worth buying for fans of the series and newcomers looking for a fresh sporting experience.

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FIFA 23 could potentially redefine the direction the series is headed in with its unique approach

1) Cross-play


At the very top of the list is a feature that fans have been demanding for years. With FIFA 23, players can participate in 1v1 game modes against players from other consoles of the same generation.

The cross-play feature is probably the most exciting addition to the franchise in years. It breaks down barriers that keep players from playing with their friends just because they own a different console. It also opens up new avenues and possibilities regarding matchmaking and competitive game modes.

2) HyperMotion 2.0


EA introduced their revolutionary HyperMotion mechanics system with the next-gen version of FIFA 22. With FIFA 23, this system has been further refined and polished to create an even more realistic simulation.

The original HyperMotion system involved players simulating real-life football scenarios while wearing motion capture suits to provide accurate and fluid animations to the developers. However, HyperMotion 2.0 allows EA to motion capture footage from real-life football games, which makes the animation even more authentic.

With these new and more realistic animations, EA has also added new gameplay mechanics such as power shots and an improved collision system. Free kicks and set-pieces have also received a complete overhaul, providing a new and refreshing perspective.

3) Dedicated FIFA World Cup game mode


The FIFA World Cup will be held in Qatar later this year. EA adds a dedicated World Cup game mode to FIFA every four years to celebrate this historic tournament. The concept was created in FIFA 2010 and has been extremely popular with fans.

The World Cup game mode features a kick-off mode to play with friends as well as offline and online tournament modes. Additionally, there is a separate version of Ultimate Team, where players can build nation-themed squads to compete in cups against the AI or other players online.

4) EA's partnership with Marvel


EA recently revealed their new lineup of Heroes in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. Heroes are players who have performed consistently well for their clubs in their respective leagues. However, with the upcoming World Cup, EA has added a twist to these cards.

The newly added Heroes in FIFA 23 will receive an upgraded version to celebrate their contributions to their national teams. The dynamic images for these versions will be illustrated by Marvel, with the players depicted as superheroes to mimic their playing style.

This extremely creative and fun concept opens the door for various partnerships and sponsored content to be included in FIFA.

5) Ultimate Team revamp


Ultimate Team is by far the most popular game mode in FIFA. In FIFA 23, EA has introduced a complete overhaul of several key mechanics within the game mode.

Chemistry has changed entirely, with positional links replaced by a new star-based system where players receive up to 3 stars based on the links they receive.

Cross-play also allows competitive FUT game modes to be more expansive, with a new leaderboard that allows players to compare their progress to the top players in the world. There will also be a global transfer market for various consoles of the same generation, granting traders more freedom than ever to make coins.

6) The game is more time-friendly for casuals


Ultimate Team often requires substantial time investment from players if they want to have a good team and make the most out of their experience. Rewarding game modes like Division Rivals and FUT Champions consist of an extensive amount of games. This can be frustrating for casual players who don't have much time to put into the game.

With the inclusion of a new game mode called FUT Moments, casuals can finally be rewarded by playing the game in small bursts at a time. This game mode allows players to recreate in-game scenarios based on certain stipulations. Upon completing these objectives, they will be rewarded with stars that can be redeemed for various rewards.

Half-lengths in squad battles can also be reduced to three minutes instead of the usual six minutes in FIFA 23.

7) New Icons


Formerly known as Legends, Icons are staples of the Ultimate Team game mode. These are special versions of footballers in-game who are retired legends of the sport. Not only are they extremely overpowered in the game, but they also help with the squad-building aspect.

In FIFA 23, several legendary players are rumored to be added to the existing roster, including Gerd Muller, Xabi Alonso, and Gabriel Batistuta. New Icons always add a sense of anticipation and hype to the game, with fans eager to use their footballing idols on the virtual pitch.

8) Career Mode upgrades


Among FIFA's offline game modes, Career Mode is by far the most popular. It has a fanbase of its own, with a dedicated community who interact with each other to make the most of their experience in the game.

In FIFA 23, EA Sports has added some impressive new features to make the game mode more immersive than ever. In addition to an improved menu system and smarter AI, changes have also been made to the player and manager versions of the career mode.

The player's career mode now has three different personality types that are affected by their choices on and off the pitch and influence how they develop as their career progresses.

The manager's career mode has a transfer analysis system that streamlines negotiations and rates the signings based on value. Several cutscenes and visuals have also been added to make the experience more realistic and authentic.

9) Pre-order benefits


FIFA 23 is already available for players to pre-order. Buying the game on pre-order provides players with certain benefits and perks that can be availed at various times during the game cycle.

Pre-ordering the Ultimate edition of FIFA 23 before August 21 will reward players with a free untradeable World Cup FUT Hero item, which will be available on November 11.

Benefits also include a Ones to Watch player, Team of the Week player, and 4600 FIFA points. Players will also be able to access the game three days before the release of the Standard edition on September 30.

10) This could be the final FIFA game


With EA Sports' licensing deal with FIFA coming to an end, FIFA 23 might be the conclusive title in the franchise. After the upcoming game, EA Sports will rebrand its series as EA Sports FC.

This revelation will conclude the iconic partnership that has existed since 1993. That makes FIFA 23 a must-buy for any hardcore fan of the series who cherishes the memories the game has provided them with over the years.

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