FIFA 23 Career Mode deep dive: Authentic managers, player personality, and more 

FIFA 23 Career Mode deep dive (Image via Sportskeeda)
FIFA 23 Career Mode deep dive (Image via Sportskeeda)
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FIFA 23 will be the latest addition to EA Sports' iconic football simulation series. EA has confirmed that the game will be released globally on October 1, 2022. The game's developers recently also detailed the various changes coming to Career Mode, one of the biggest segments of the game.

EA Sports will introduce crossplay to FIFA 23, allowing the game's playerbase on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC to play against one another on selected gamemodes.

The game will feature Hypermotion 2.0, an improved technology from FIFA 22's console versions that is capable of enhancing the gaming quality.

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The game's Standard Edition will be available on Steam for $69.99. Players will also have the option to pre-purchase The Ultimate Edition for $89.99, which will provide them with a 3-day early access to the game and a variety of bonus materials.

All new features that players can expect in FIFA 23 Career Mode

Career Mode is one of the most popular gaming modes in the FIFA game series. In FIFA 23, fans can experience a ton of new features that can improve their gaming experience.

Here are all the new features coming into the game's Career Mode:

Player Personality

In the Player Career Mode of FIFA 23, gamers will have the ability to decide the direction in which their player's career progresses, both on and off the pitch. An entirely new skill tree will enter the game, providing players with three new personality types:

  • Maverick: Opportunists who are known to be valiant in their efforts to score goals and seek individual glory.
  • Heartbeat: These players have the quality to read the game, find opportunities and lead the team.
  • Virtuoso: Maestros of the game who use their skills to change the course of the match.
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FIFA 23 has also added a variety of new features that players can use off the pitch. For example, players can now visit their teammates in the hospital, buy sports cars, and perform several other activities that have an impact on in-game performance.

Playable Highlights

The new Playable Highlights feature allows players to essentially simulate a match while seeing a few key moments from the match. There are a lot of variables that affect the duration of the Playable Highlights.

Depending on the quality of the teams involved, players will be subject to moments from the game that have a direct impact on the outcome. This feature will be available in both Player Career and Manager Career.

New Menu

A new Menu screen will feature a brand new interface that will make things more convenient for the Career Mode playerbase. According to the game's developers, the new menu will allow players to spend less time navigating and spend more time actively thinking about managing time off the pitch.

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Dynamic Moments

FIFA 23 will feature new cinematic sequences that will allow players to celebrate a set of new occasions. In earlier versions of the game, players were allowed to celebrate winning trophies and individual achievements.

In the game's latest edition, players will be allowed to celebrate occasions like switching clubs, moving in and out of squads, or if a new star signing arrives at the club. This feature will be present in both Player and Manager Career Modes.

Transfer Analysis

In the Manager Career Mode, the new Transfer Analysis feature will help players engage in transfer negotiations more efficiently. Once players are done with a transfer, the game will provide feedback, highlighting elements like how well the negotiations went and where the new signings can fit into the squad.


AI Tactics

AI opponents are now inclined to make more informed and concise decisions, based on the outcome of the various situations that are generated in-game.

Authentic Managers

For the first time ever, EA Sports has introduced authentic character models of some of the most popular football managers in the world in the Manager Career Mode. Players can now step into the shoes of some of their favorite managers as they engage in a tactical masterclass in Career Mode.

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