FIFA 23's new gameplay feature is inspired from eFootball 2022, and it might just be what the series needs

The power shot feature will be useful for forwards like Vlahovic (Image via EA Sports)
The power shot feature will be useful for forwards like Vlahovic (Image via EA Sports)

In many senses, eFootball 2022 and FIFA 23 will be considered competitors. While eFootball 2022 was released in 2021, its troubled release has pushed its actual release well into 2022.

FIFA 23 will be released much later, but one of its upcoming new features seems to be very closely related to an existing mechanic in Konami's title. Moreover, the addition could work quite well if implemented correctly.


Many details about FIFA 23 have been revealed regarding the gameplay changes. However, the USP of this year's game is the much more refined HyperMotion 2, which includes several new additions to the previous version.

For example, it has new animations based on machine learning, making the game more realistic. In addition, players will enjoy a brand new feature called Power Shot, and in many ways, the feature looks quite similar to the Stunning Shot ability in eFootball 2022.

FIFA 23's Power Show might be the answer to the Stunning Shot feature in eFootball 2022

When Konami decided to rebrand Pro Evolution Soccer, eFootball 2022 took birth. The developers were ambitious, but what ultimately took place was disastrous.

However, fast forward more than six months, and the game is somewhat playable. Among the main features that have been added include the Stunning Shot feature.


Based on the recent deep dive, FIFA 23's Power Shot seems to be a similar mechanic. With improvements in machine learning-enabled HyperMotion, players will have many advanced techniques.

The Power Shot has been described as a unique moment in which players will be able to launch piledrivers. These shots will have tremendous pace and power behind them and should be a challenge for any keeper in the game. This seems quite similar to the Stunning Shot feature and even has identical default controls to trigger.

Among the many additions coming to FIFA 23, the Power Shot looks to be a handy one. Its beauty lies in the fact that an excellent execution can easily fetch a much-required goal for the player. However, it's not as easy as it sounds.

Power Shots will require more time for players to execute. In other words, there's a greater chance for the shots to be blocked or the ball to be intercepted. This year's game will also have increased incidences of blocked and deflected shots, just like in real life.


Hence, the Power Shot will be a high-risk, high-reward element that will build the excitement of the game. An essential reason for the series's popularity is the ability to create moments of brilliance. The upcoming feature perfectly adds to that, although players will have a learning curve.

Of course, there will be plenty of other new features coming to FIFA 23, along with the Power Shot feature. Players can set up the ball with the first touch before shooting with the next. There will also be new dribbling techniques, and the defensive jockey has been improved to reinforce things in the back.

Players will be able to experience all of these features firsthand once the game releases worldwide on September 30, 2022.