"Game isn't even released yet and mistake #1 is here": FIFA 23 community reacts as game accidentally becomes playable on Xbox

There has been a serious fault on part of EA (Image via Steam)
There has been a serious fault on part of EA (Image via Steam)

FIFA 23 isn't expected to become playable before its global release on September 30, when the upcoming iteration will be released on all major platforms. However, fate seems to have other plans for the game on Xbox, as earlier on August 30, it became briefly available on Microsoft's gaming consoles.

As bizarre as that sounds, several users on social media detailed how they received a notification on their consoles to download an update. Incidentally, the update itself is for the entire game, and people can access the full game for some serious time. There was even an instance where someone streamed FIFA 23 online.


Currently, the game's closed beta test is ongoing, and it is the only viable way for many to play it in case they get selected. It is unclear what caused the issue in the first place, but several users reported a similar incident happening. While the issue has likely been resolved, several members reacted on social media about the entertaining event.

FIFA 23 players lose their minds as the game becomes briefly available for download on Xbox

Since the news broke, fans and gamers have used social media to express their opinions. While some found it hard to believe, it appears that FIFA 23 was downloadable and might have been playable.

Renowned content creator NepentheZ sarcastically commented that the game is yet to be released and that the developers have already made their first mistake.

EA Sports' reputation has not been the best lately, and one user felt that this was another one of their classic errors. The user also suggested that the game should now be released on all platforms to make it equal for everyone.

There is a high chance that the ratings of certain teams might have been revealed by those who could get their hands on the game. One person feels that there could be major controversies related to the ratings if they stay unchanged.

Screenshots started to flock from all over the world, and one German gamer uploaded what could be the home screen of FIFA 23.

It seems that not everyone had the good fortune of getting the accidental early release on their Xbox consoles. It could also point to the fact that the glitch might have been a regional rather than a global occurrence.

One of the biggest fallouts of the accidental release has been the leaked ratings of footballers present in the game. While it is uncertain what caused this in the first place, it should have been avoided in the first place.

EA Sports is yet to comment on this, and they have not yet clarified how this happened. Based on social media experience, the glitch is not there in the game anymore. However, it was there for a significant period, given how people could play the game.

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