How to score using a German cross in FIFA 23

This is the most overpowered crossing technique in FIFA 23 (Images via EA Sports)
This is the most overpowered crossing technique in FIFA 23 (Images via EA Sports)

With FIFA 23 being out for a few months now, the game's meta has gone through several changes during that time period. In the initial phases, the new acceleration styles introduced by the AcceleRATE feature dictated how effective a player was on the virtual pitch, but with the readjustment to the viability of controlled and explosive running styles, lengthy players have been nerfed as well.

In such an environment, gamers are always on the lookout for the best and most effective tactics to gain an edge over their opponents. Similar to every other iteration of the iconic football simulation series, the game's veterans have come up with some overpowered mechanics that can be used to dominate any opposition and easily score goals.

Is German Cross overpowered in FIFA 23?

Despite being extremely popular amongst professional players in FIFA 23, this cross has been a viable option to break down defenses for a few seasons now. The story behind its nomenclature lies in the German competitive FIFA circuit, as the cross was popularized by German pros like Benecr7, who took the community by storm by using it at an EA event in FIFA 22.


While FIFA 22 and FIFA 23 are quite different in terms of mechanics and meta tactics, the viability of the German cross has persisted and is now amongst the most effective ways to score easy goals against both casuals and seasoned veterans alike.

How to score a German cross in FIFA 23?


Interestingly, the setup for the cross is a fairly simple one. The player must be in possession of the ball in the opponent's half, with the ball carrier being positioned on the wing. The cross should be delivered from a wide position on the flanks and must be received by a player making a marauding run behind the opposition's backline.

Gamers must trigger an attacking run with their midfielder or centre-back using the L1 button on the PlayStation or the LB button on the Xbox. This is because these are usually the most physically domineering players on the pitch in FIFA 23, and will be able to receive the ball even under pressure from the opponent's defense. They are the biggest threats during set-piece situations as well.

The cross must be delivered with around three-and-a-half to four bars of power, and must be timed at the exact moment when the player making the run is about to cross the defensive backline. Timing the delivery inappropriately could lead to the player being judged as offside. Once the cross is delivered, gamers can choose to either control the ball or pass it for the first time to a supporting attacker for an easy tap-in.

Which players to use for scoring German crosses in FIFA 23?


While there are no definitive parameters to adhere to when it comes to delivering German crosses, it's highly preferred to use players with high long-pass accuracy and crossing stats in FIFA 23, such as the new Winter Wildcards Clauss. Players receiving the cross should also have a decent physical presence to resist any pressure from the opposition's defense.