How to score from corner kicks in FIFA 23

Corner kicks have changed completely in FIFA 23 (Images via EA Sports)
Corner kicks have changed completely in FIFA 23 (Images via EA Sports)

Set pieces have been completely overhauled in FIFA 23, and fans are desperate to learn the best ways to consistently score in the new system. With the introduction of Hypermotion 2.0, the latest iteration of the iconic football simulation series is the most authentic and realistic yet, and the improvements made to the game mechanics have made it a completely different experience from its predecessors.

FIFA 23 has had the most successful launch in the history of the franchise, with millions of people actively playing the game. With many changes made to various aspects of the game, veterans and newbies alike will be looking to adapt to the new meta, including corner kicks, freekicks and penalties.

These are the most effective corner kick routines to consistently score goals in FIFA 23

In previous years, corner kicks were taken based on a reticle that indicated where the player would aim the ball. Spin and curve could then be added to the ball's trajectory after powering up a shot or cross using the left stick. However, this system has been completely changed in FIFA 23.

How to take corner kicks in FIFA 23


The aiming reticle is no longer present for corner kicks in FIFA. Instead, a curved or straight line depicts the initial trajectory of the ball. Gamers can manipulate the direction and curve of this line with the left and right analog sticks. The left stick determines the direction, whereas the right stick affects the curve, as players can choose between in-swinging, out-swinging or chipped crosses.

What are the most effective ways to score from corners in FIFA 23?

The FIFA community has been working hard to adapt to the new meta and get comfortable with the latest game mechanics. Several professional players and content creators have come up with their own custom tactics, instructions, and set-piece routines, which include corner kicks. These are some of the most effective methods of scoring directly from corner kicks:

With in-swinging crosses

This method only works if the corner kick is taken by a right-footed player from the left corner and vice-versa. It is most effective against players who manually move their keepers off their line during set-pieces to anticipate crosses. To counter this move, gamers have discovered a way to score directly from the cross itself by delivering a ferocious in-swinging ball from the corner flag.

As mentioned in the tweet above, gamers must use their right stick to set the trajectory to the inside-foot curled option and use their left stick to aim in the middle of the six yard box. With optimal power input, the ball will curl over or past the keeper and straight into the back of the net without needing any intervention from a teammate.

With out-swinging crosses

Contrary to the previous tactic, this method is best used with a right-footed player from the right corner and vice-versa. If the opponent does not manually move their keeper, this is a good way to secure an easy tap-in goal.

This might resemble a regular corner kick, but the devil is in the details. It is vital to select the inside foot curled option using the right stick and delivering optimal power to the ball. The pass will find the target man in the box and should result in a goal with stunning consistency. Having a player with high passing take the corner and a player with good finishing to aim at helps considerably with this tactic.

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