5 new FIFA 23 features might make it the best game in the series

FIFA 23 consists of a variety of new features that could make this title extremely memorable (Image via EA Sports)
FIFA 23 consists of a variety of new features that could make this title extremely memorable (Image via EA Sports)

With EA Sports' partnership with FIFA ending, FIFA 23 might be the final title in the iconic football simulation series. The franchise will be rebranded as EA Sports FC in 2023, and with the upcoming game potentially being the conclusive title of the historic franchise, EA Sports seems determined to make it the best one yet.


FIFA 23 will be released worldwide on September 30, and fans have already been treated to a lot of information that reveals the new features and changes being introduced in the game. These exciting new additions have a lot of potential if implemented correctly and have added to the hype surrounding the official release.

New features in FIFA 23 showcase a lot of promise for the future of the franchise

1) Cross-play


Gaming is an interactive and social activity. Being able to play with friends with no limitations is important for the overall experience and enjoyment of any game, so cross-play will undoubtedly be a massive addition to FIFA 23.

Fans have been asking for cross-play compatibility in FIFA for years, and their wish has been granted in the upcoming game. FIFA 23 will have two separate versions across various platforms depending on the console generation the player is playing on. Cross-play will allow players from different platforms to play with and against one another if they are on the same game version.

Not only will this make it more fun to play with friends, but it will also help with matchmaking, as there will be a bigger player pool in competitive game modes. With the feature finally implemented in FIFA, the possibilities are endless and will only continue to improve the franchise.

2) Hypermotion 2.0


FIFA 22 introduced the concept of Hypermotion to FIFA. It was a revolutionary new system that added an increased element of realism to the game. This included performing motion-capture on professionals performing drills to simulate real-life football situations. The new system adds various new and realistic animations to the game.

With Hypermotion 2.0, EA Sports has outdone itself yet again. The improved version includes monitoring and assessing players in actual football games and not just through motion capture in a studio environment. This allows for even more realism in the mechanics and animations of the game, making FIFA 23 the most authentic football experience to date.

3) Ultimate Team revamp


Ultimate Team is by far the most popular game mode in FIFA, generating a large portion of EA's annual revenue through microtransactions. Since its inception in FIFA 09, the game mode has continued to innovate and provide players with new and intriguing features to keep them engaged and entertained.

The game mode has received a massive overhaul in FIFA 23. The chemistry system in FUT is one of the franchise's mainstays, which sets it apart from its peers. However, the system has been completely changed in the upcoming game. Positional links no longer exist; players can link regardless of where they are on the field. Individual and team chemistry has also been revamped.

EA has also added a new game mode called FUT Moments, which allows players to recreate "bite-sized" scenarios to earn in-game rewards. This is a brilliant addition for casual and hardcore players alike as it is time-efficient and provides new avenues for earning rewards in FIFA 23.

4) World Cup Content


The FIFA Men's World Cup will be held in Qatar towards the end of this year. Every time the prestigious tournament is organized, the celebrations also translate to FIFA. EA has confirmed that the World Cup mode will return to FIFA 23, along with a ton of themed FUT content.

The World Cup mode has been popular with fans since its inception in 2010. It was initially a separate game but later changed to DLC in FIFA 18. The game mode allows players to play as their favorite national teams in immersive offline and online gameplay and includes a separate FUT mode with nation-based themes.

EA has also added a host of new FUT Heroes to the game, who will receive unique boosted versions once the World Cup begins. These FUT World Cup Heroes will receive massive upgrades and special superhero-themed dynamic images as part of EA's partnership with Marvel.

5) Added leagues, teams, and emphasis on Women's football


Women's football was introduced to FIFA in FIFA 16. However, that part of the game has seen little to no innovation or upgrades. However, in FIFA 23, EA has added the ability to play as Women's club teams by introducing two of the most famous women's football leagues.

With the addition of the Barclays Women's Super League and the Division 1 Arkema, fans can finally play with some of the best teams in women's football. This is a crucial step towards creating a more inclusive sporting experience by providing apt representation to the female side of football.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the writer's opinions.