Why FIFA 23's crossplay could be the biggest reason for FUT mode's success

Playstation and Xbox crossplay is enabled in Fifa 23
Playstation and Xbox crossplay is enabled in Fifa 23 (Image via Xbox and PlayStation)

FIFA 23 will introduce crossplay to the iconic sports franchise with its upcoming release. The series has existed for over 20 years across many platforms, and for the first time ever, Playstation and Xbox players will be able to play together. Crossplay has more impact on the franchise though, specifically with the FUT (Fifa Ultimate Team) mode.

FUT is the most iconic feature in FIFA history, and has gained hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue, driving gameplay updates, and owning most players' time spent in the game. FUT is going to make some key changes to it with the introduction of crossplay.

How crossplay will impact FUT in FIFA 23

How crossplay affects different consoles (Image via EA Sports)
How crossplay affects different consoles (Image via EA Sports)

FUT players on different consoles will finally be able to play with and against each other for the first time ever. They can play with friends that own any version of the game on different consoles, and online matchmaking will be entirely crossplay. This is very exciting for an entire group of gamers who can play with a whole new set of people.

However, the biggest difference is how the FUT 23 transfer marketplace will be affected.


FUT marketplace

Marketplace is an area where crossplay is going to have the biggest impact in FIFA. This is where FUT players go to purchase new football stars to add to their team.

Many different types of cards are introduced throughout the game’s yearly cycle that become available in the marketplace, like Team of the Week, Gold, and promo cards, and Icons; all of which are yet to be announced.

The difference will be quite stark as PlayStation, Xbox, and Stadia are to be entirely combined. What would normally be a marketplace of about 800,000-1,500,000 million cards and items in each individual system will now be combined together.

Assuming equal playerbases, the combined marketplace will be three times the size of the former single console marketplace we know from Fifa 22.


A giant marketplace that has never been seen before is bound to make some dramatic changes to the trading system that players are used to. Whether it's investing in specific cards, trying to obtain a favorite player, or just buying low and selling high, the marketplace is bound to be very different.

One major concern is for the state of the PC marketplace. Users who buy FIFA via Steam or any other distributor will find that things will still be unique, as they have been in the past years of FIFA. Essentially, the PC marketplace will not be impacted by crossplay.

Playstation and Xbox Marketplace

With the combined marketplace, there will be a giant amount of supply but the same games for the demand. It is difficult to predict exactly how things will be affected, but there are some guesses that can be taken.

One possibility is that high-end cards with massive demands such as Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar, and Mbappe are still very unlikely to be packed, but will have two to three times as much demand as before. This might allow them to stay at higher price points for a longer period of time.

For example, Gold Mbappe stayed above a 1 million coin price point until early January, and this year he could stay there for even longer.