The best bow to use in Horizon Forbidden West

The best bow to use in Horizon Forbidden West

Bows can be a powerful tool in Horizon Forbidden West (Image via Guerilla Games)

Players can use a variety of weapons, including several different bows, to defend against hostiles in Horizon Forbidden West.


Bows, in any game, are a great way for players to keep their distance and deal damage without having to get up close and personal. This prevents them from putting their own health at risk.

For those who prefer a ranged option in the newest Horizon title, look no further than the Death-Seeker's Shadow. It is hands down the best bow that Aloy can add to her arsenal.

The Death-Seeker's Shadow is the best bow in Horizon Forbidden West


Here's why Death-Seeker's Shadow is the best bow to use in Horizon Forbidden West.

A look at the Death-Seeker's Shadow bow (Image via Guerilla Games)

The Death-Seeker's Shadow is a bow of Legendary rarity. The amount of Legendary bows is few and far between in Forbidden West, meaning the Death-Seeker's Shadow is unmatched.

Not only does this bow provide an accurate ranged attack option, it brings an increased critical hit chance and some of the highest damage that can be done in the game.

While there may be some bows that are faster or that do more damage, those suffer in other areas. The Death-Seeker's Shadow is an all-around bow that has good stats in each category rather than just one.


The bow also comes with some pretty great arrow choices. Shock Arrows deal shock damage to opposing machines and a Targeting Arrow is available to send an overridden machine at a specific enemy.

Where to find the Death-Seeker's Shadow in Horizon Forbidden West easily

There are several challenges with varying difficulties in the Arena (Image via Guerilla Games)

If players want to get the best bow in the game added to their collection, they need to head to the Arena. This area is unlocked after finishing the Kulkrut main story quest. Then the Opening the Arena quest needs to be completed upon arrival.


Fighting in the Arena rewards Arena Medals. Players should focus on the Arena until 80 Arena Medals have been obtained. That is the price for the Death-Seeker's Shadow bow.

Head to the Prize Master of the Arena, Dukkah, to browse her wares and exchange the 80 Arena Medals for the best bow available in Horizon Forbidden West for players to use.

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