Lachlan is one of the most popular content creators from Australia

The story of Lachlan: From young content creator to a Fortnite Icon Series skin

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Lachlan Ross Power, better known as Lachlan, is one of the most popular content creators hailing from Australia. He currently owns the e-sports organization PWR along with his own line of merchandise. However, his rise to popularity was not very quick.

He had a very steady rise and created content on many games before he struck gold with Fortnite. He had to make his fair share of sacrifices to get where he is now, and his sacrifices have definitely paid off.


From Pixlemon to Fortnite: Lachlan's story on achieving success

In his early days, Lachlan started by making content on a modded version of Minecraft known as Pixlemon. This game was a cross between Minecraft and Pokemon, which quite naturally got him attention from fans of both the games. He'd gone on to say that he'd not be popular had it not been for Pixlemon. To stay fresh and relevant, Lachlan streamed a lot of games, from Minecraft to Pokemon GO. He also indulged in IRL streams which gave a new dimension to the kind of content he created as well.


One of his early milestones was that his was the first gaming channel in Australia to cross 1 million subscribers on YouTube. After reaching this milestone, Lachlan doubled down on his efforts with respect to his content creation.

He kept on creating Pokemon GO based content till the end of 2016. In 2017, Fortnite started, and Lachlan found himself a new avenue to move to. He noticed early on that the game had a lot of potential and took that leap of faith which made him the star he is today.

Lachlan felt that Fortnite was a lot like Minecraft and fell in love with the building and shooting dynamics of the game. By the end of the year, he was addicted to Fortnite and increased his efforts with respect to creating Fortnite related content. He also landed himself a promotional deal with Epic Games in 2017 itself.


Lachlan kept on creating Fortnite content which led to an increase in his viewership count. Given the way he was growing, Lachlan managed to get all the necessary resources for himself. He quickly began creating content with other popular Fortnite content creators from around the globe, including Epic Games employees. He bagged himself an exclusive streaming contract with YouTube in October 2019, the details of which he spoke about on the Courage and Nadeshot show.

He kept growing as a content creator, and in 2020, Epic Games rewarded his efforts by giving him his own Icon Series skin in Fortnite. He also happened to start his own e-sports organization called PWR in 2020, with the objective of bringing Fortnite pros from the Australian and Oceanic regions to the same level as pros from other areas.

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