Fortnite: Lachlan says he no longer has the "burning passion" for creating videos as he once did

Image via Lachlan
Image via Lachlan
Jorge A. Aguilar "Aggy"

Fortnight streamer Lachlan Power said that he is losing interest in Fortnite and every video is pushing him further from the game.

Lachlan alludes to a future where he may not make Fortnite content. He states that this is due to the repetitive nature of the challenges and game. The way he describes making videos shows that he feels it's all just a repeat of other videos he's done.

It is hard to disagree with Lachlan, as Fortnite has not done much to make challenges feel new or exciting on their own. Now, many challenges are recycled with minor tweaks and the addition of something related to the collaboration Epic Games has each season.

Fornite will most likely not change anytime soon so it may be a matter of time until Lachlan quits the game entirely.

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Many Fortnite players are expressing disinterest in the game

Epic Games has made their once unique game one big advertisement according to some fans. Many gamers are disappointed that there is a lot in Fortnite that is just a paid partnership with other studios. This can be felt with how much of an effect each partnership has in each season.

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Many cite the entirety of Chapter 2 Season 4 as Fortnite's biggest problem. Season 4 had characters, emotes, map changes, Lore, and an ending that had everything to do with Marvel. It was fun, but it was a sign that Epic Games was willing to change a lot just to make money on a collaboration.

The Lore is also affected by the collaborations. Agent Jonesy is responsible for Season 4's many collaborations with hunters so now every hunter is a part of Agent Jonesy's lore.

This has made the story convoluted. It was once difficult to understand because it was a mystery. Now, it is difficult to understand because of the random events that are just there to add more collabs.

The future of Fortnite's story might be decided by who pays the most and that doesn't sit well with some fans. Chapter 1 teased, gave fun nods, and sometimes added little things. Chapter 2 is dedicated to collaborations and It is making many gamers feel advertised to.

Lachlan's tweet may have opened up discussion for a bigger issue in the game.

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