"I swore in front of thousands of children and still got a skin": Lazarbeam talks about having his own skin in Fortnite 

Lazarbeam responds to bagging his own skin in Fortnite (Image via Sportskeeda)
Lazarbeam responds to bagging his own skin in Fortnite (Image via Sportskeeda)

Australian streamer, LannanLazarBeam Eacott, became the latest name to be rewarded with his own skin as part of the Fortnite Icon Series. Playing with his own skin for the first time, he looked back on his journey as a streamer.

Lazarbeam is a popular name in the community, and he is known for his straightforward attitude. He revealed how he swore at a Fortnite event back in 2019, but that hasn't looked back ever since.

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"Two years ago, I was swearing at a Fortnite event, and now I have a skin in the game."

The Australian streamer has also been pretty vocal about his journey, from being employed as a construction worker to becoming a household name in the Fortnite community. He still remembers his past and his own skin in the game is a way of honoring it.

“Getting some materials! Very first thing I’m doing since I was a tradie, since I was a construction worker. I built a house boys! I used to build in real-life, now I build in Fortnite. Piece of Art!” he said.

Lazarbeam was streaming as himself in the game for the first time and looked pretty nervous doing it. This was largely because thousands of viewers were watching, and they were all hoping that he would bag a victory royale.

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That's exactly what happened. Lazarbeam went on to pick up a victory royale, even after being inactive for a while.

"Well, having your own skin in the game is awesome! People just let you kill them, this is sick, I may never lose a game again."

When will SypherPK get his own skin in Fortnite?

For months now, fans have been deliberating on the possibility of SypherPK getting his own skin in Fortnite.

The American is still one of just a handful of streamers who post Fortnite content regularly.

He also played a massive role in bringing back names like Ninja and NICKMERCS to the 100-man battle royale, after they left the scene to look for greener pastures.

Now that Lazarbeam has been rewarded with his own skin, is SypherPK next? is Epic Games saving the best for the last?

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