"I know Valorant f***s your aim, but what the f**k was that?": Clix roasts Bugha for failing to get a clutch victory royale in Fortnite 

(Image via Sportskeeda)
(Image via Sportskeeda)

NRG Clix, in a recent livestream, raged at Fortnite World Cup winner, Bugha, when the latter failed to grasp a clutch victory royale.

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The American pro gamer is known for his short temper, and he lost control of it when streaming with Bugha recently.

“How do you throw that hard? I know Valorant f***s your aim but what the f**k was that? It’s so annoying. Do that in grands and see what happens Bugha. I swear to god,” he said.

Clix pushes Bugha to focus on Fortnite while the FNCS is on

Fortnite's competitive scene has had its challenges on several occasions but still boasts a collection of some of the finest gamers in the world. Gamers like Clix and Bugha have been representing the North American region for a while and have done their part to take Fortnite to great heights.

Bugha was the winner of the first Fortnite World Cup and often streams the 100-man battle royale with NRG Clix and FaZe Clan's Bizzle. The trio are the favorites to win every tournament they participate in.

Bugha, like many other streamers, prefers streaming other titles to make his streams more interesting. The pro-gamer streams a lot of Valorant and is pretty good at it too.

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Both titles run on different mechanics and require distinct skills. Clix has now come to the conclusion that playing Valorant has hampered Bugha's Fortnite skills.

Bugha was quick to apologize and also claimed that he will quit streaming Valorant.

The FNCS is looming over the trio's head. It's possible that Bugha won't be streaming Valorant in the near future and concentrate on Fornite in preparation for the tournament.

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