The new season is coming (Image via Epic Games)

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 trailer reveals Temple Ruin POI, new map, and more

A new teaser has arrived ahead of the official release of Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 this weekend. After promotional images surfaced yesterday confirming the theme and name of the season as "Wilds," the developers at Epic Games shared a short teaser trailer that gives viewers a good look at what they can expect from the upcoming season.

The Wilds theme is on full display as players get a glimpse at what's expected to happen to the map and where they'll be dropping next season. Check it out below:


Fortnite teaser trailer gives insight into what Chapter 4 Season 3 will entail

The teaser was shared with the community by iFireMonkey, a community figure more well-known for leaks, but this is a confirmed, legitimate trailer. Expect more of these in the next few days as we approach the release of the new season after Season 2 ends on June 9.


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Cracked, but not broken. Overgrown, but not forbidden. Lost, but not forgotten.
What lies underneath the surface?


The teaser shows the map being cracked open. Epic has often utilized the underneath and other side of the island throughout the years, so they may be venturing underground this time.


The Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 teaser also showcases a POI that looks a lot like the hit mobile game Temple Run. The building — some sort of Ruined Temple rising from the depths — has the same art style and design, so it's very unlikely that this is just a coincidence.

The Fortnite trailer also confirms the existence of one specific original character. This explorer skin that was leaked previously and has now been confirmed will likely be part of the battle pass.

The new teaser trailer (Image via iFireMonkey on Twitter)

This character was shown on a loading screen with Optimus Prime, so his appearance lends even more credibility to the theory that there will be some sort of Transformers crossover.

Alongside the new original character are three more, including what appears to be yet another variant of the Fortnite Fish Stick character.

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