How to play Fortnite Split Screen on Nintendo Switch

How to play Fortnite Split Screen on Nintendo Switch

Fortnite Split Screen is a great way for Fortnite players to enjoy the game with their friends on the same console. The feature that was introduced almost three years ago is still going strong as loopers are using it to get the Victory Royale with their teammates.

Here's a handy guide on how to play Fortnite Split Screen on Nintendo Switch and enjoy the game.


How to set up Fortnite Split Screen on Nintendo Switch

Loopers playing on Nintendo Switch should follow these steps to enable Split Screen in Fortnite:


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  1. Navigate to the Main Menu.
  2. Ensure that both the controllers are connected to the Nintendo Switch console and are turned on.
  3. The second player is invited to select their account once the controller connects. They need to hold A button to enter the lobby.
  4. After holding the desired console key, the second player can be spotted in the Fortnite lobby.
Fortnite on Nintendo Switch (Image via Epic Games)

After following these steps, the Fortnite Split Screen option will be enabled on the Nintendo Switch. As soon as players hop on to a Duos or Squads match, the screen divides into two parts and the perspective of both the teammates is visible separately.

While Fortnite can run at a native 60 FPS on Nintendo Switch devices, the game may operate more slowly in Split Screen mode due to the Switch's age in comparison to other systems that can run Unreal Engine 5.1.

However, Epic Games are still hung up on offering console gamers a local multiplayer experience with this gimmick. It is worth noting that the Fortnite Split Screen feature is exclusive to consoles, implying that PC players cannot use it anymore.


Fortnite Split Screen is available in limited modes

It comes as no surprise that the Fortnite Split Screen feature is not available in Solo mode because players can use it to gain an unfair advantage and randomly drop into Bot lobbies. Similarly, Fortnite Split Screen isn't supported in either Creative or Team Rumble.

Screen sharing only begins after players enter the match, and they cannot see each other's lobbies through it. Teammates cannot share their inventory and must play in the same language settings.

All in all, the Split Screen feature in Fortnite is a must-try option for casual players. However, tryhard/sweaty players might not like the feature as it literally cuts their screen in half, making it harder to spot enemies. When playing Fortnite on a split screen, effective communication between teammates becomes more important than ever.

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