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Here’s how you can boost your Android smartphone’s battery life (Image via Unsplash)

How to increase the battery life on your Android Smartphone?

Struggling to keep your Android phone from dying of low battery? Extending a smartphone’s battery life isn’t much of a hassle, especially for Android phones.

Android devices typically have a larger battery capacity than iOS devices, which is a huge advantage. With specific measures, users can easily preserve battery life and get through the day without plugging their smartphone into a charger for the second time.


Here’s how you can boost your Android smartphone’s battery life

Google’s popular operating system offers multiple settings that users can tweak to extend their smartphone’s battery life. Furthermore, they can also limit some functionalities to lessen the battery drain. Try the following tips to optimize power usage:

1) Enable low battery mode


Every modern Android phone has a toggle to switch to a low-power consumption mode in one tap. It’s the easiest way to limit background activity and activate battery optimization. You can also access further customizations from the low-power mode menu, including limiting particular apps and internet usage.

Users can find this setting on the “Quick Settings” menu, which can be expanded by swiping down from the top of the phone’s screen. Alternatively, the low-power mode can also be enabled from the Settings app.

2) Disable Background App Refresh


Android phones can disable background app activity entirely, letting users get the most out of their internet connection or slow down battery drainage.

You can find this option under the Battery tab in the Settings app. Disable “Background App Refresh” or restrict specific applications individually. If available, you can also enable “Adaptive Battery” in your phone’s battery settings.

3) Turn off location, Wi-Fi, and internet services


Android smartphones continuously monitor the user’s location and seek available wireless networks to provide customized results and automatic functionalities if the location and wireless services are enabled. Continuous monitoring uses up a chunk of the phone’s battery life.

Make sure to disable location services and Bluetooth if not mandatory. Disabling the internet also helps, but it is an essential feature for most users. Try not to use it constantly. You can also switch to Airplane mode if you are not using the device.

4) Reduce screen brightness and turn on dark mode

Lowering screen brightness is the most obvious way to reduce battery consumption on an Android phone. Modern devices come with AMOLED and OLED displays that focus on providing users with the most color-accurate experience possible.

Unfortunately, this also affects battery optimization, mainly if you continuously use the phone at its brightest. Lower the brightness or set it to automatic to save power.

Google also recommends enabling the dark mode for apps and the operating system to optimize the battery life further. You can access this setting for individual apps or choose a dark-colored theme for the OS skin.


5) Some battery-friendly adaptations may help

First, turn off keyboard sounds and vibrations, as these effects hog the device’s battery. Users should also avoid indulging in activities that consume a lot of power, including using the Camera app and playing video games.

Also, make sure to charge your smartphone with the power adapter that comes with it. Using a different adapter will affect the charging speed and harm the battery and the device’s health. In addition, try keeping your smartphone cool, as high processor temperatures will drain the battery faster and affect its health.

6) Improve your device’s battery life and health generally

Make sure to keep the Android device up to date in terms of software. Some OS updates include battery optimization and improvements. Furthermore, updating to the latest version will ensure the best state of optimization for your device, which is necessary to extend battery life.


If your phone’s battery is draining too fast and you can’t control it, try factory resetting the device after backing it up.

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