5 best ways to cool down gaming phones while playing games

Cooling down gaming phones is essential (Image via Sportskeeda)
Cooling down gaming phones is essential (Image via Sportskeeda)

If you're a long-time player, you've probably had your hands on some hot gaming phones. Gaming phones can get quite hot when playing graphically intense games like PUBG and BGMI, thus decreasing their life, an issue that quickly needs to be resolved.

There are several methods for swiftly cooling down gaming phones so that they may be used to play games again. You can use cooldown strategies to enhance the gaming experience if you are a professional gamer who often livestreams titles.

Five useful tricks to cool down gaming phones

1) Choose heat observing phone case

Accidents happen, and your phone case is often the last line of defense between your device and the cold, hard earth when it falls. Fortunately, the heating consequences of excessive use can be mitigated using such covers in some circumstances.

Even when playing high-graphic-intensive games like PUBG and BGMI, a decent phone case can help keep your gaming phone from overheating. Thermoline phone cases help evaluate a device's maximal heat output.

2) Change phone settings


Each mobile user is unique. Some people want a bright screen display, while others prefer a darker one. A few people demand the most excellent graphics available, while others are okay with sacrificing some quality in the name of game performance.

As a result, your smartphone has nearly limitless personalization options. On the other hand, its settings have an impact on the device's operation, performance, and temperature.

Consider lowering the display brightness or adjusting your graphics settings when playing games like PUBG and COD Mobile on your gaming phone. Not only will your gameplay improve, but your device will be less likely to overheat.

3) Close unused applications


Many users forget to close applications when they're done with them, which can degrade device performance and cause overheating. To be safe, it's a good idea to close all unused apps on your phone every now and then, especially if you've been using it for a long time. This will keep your device running at peak performance and prevent overheating.

While playing graphically taxing games like Free Fire MAX, COD Mobile, BGMI, and PUBG, you can protect your phone by closing other apps. Deleting unneeded files is another approach to keep your gaming phone from overheating.

4) Avoid direct sunlight


Sunlight heats the phone even more, so it's only natural that more heat would exacerbate the heating impacts of mobile gaming. This could cause your smartphone to overheat even more quickly, lowering performance and perhaps harming your device and its components.

People are spending more time outside now that the weather is good. If you must go out for some fresh air while mobile gaming, avoid direct sunlight as much as possible.

If you're playing on your gaming phone for an extended period, seek out some shade for the sake of your device.

5) Take breaks in between long gaming hours

Long gaming periods are the most typical cause of gaming phones becoming hot, affecting its performance. Like almost everything else in life, mobile gaming should be done in moderation.

The longer you play without pausing, the hotter your device will become. With that in mind, remind yourself to take a break from the game throughout the day.

Take short breaks to reduce the taxing outcomes of games such as Clash Royale, BGMI, etc. It will allow your phone to cool down sufficiently. So, the next time you're playing titles, take small breaks for food and water.

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