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Paddy Pimblett and Jared Gordon

Paddy Pimblett vs. Jared Gordon: 'The Baddy' calls out 'Flash' for rematch in profanity-laced rant from hospital bed

Fans were eagerly awaiting news of Paddy Pimblett's octagon return as he recovers from ankle surgery. 'The Baddy' has now provided them with an update on the potential timeline for his comeback.

The unranked lightweight prospect revealed that he is open to a rematch with Jared Gordon, who he controversially defeated at UFC 282, attributing his lackluster performance to injury. Speaking from the hospital bed following surgery, the Liverpudlian stated:

"People are like, 'Oh, Jared Gordon did so well.' He only done well because me ankle was f**ked. You stupid t**t, and he's just being a bitter little girl, going on every interview site, 'Oh, I won that fight, I won that fight.'... I want to punch his head in towards the end of the year. I am going to run it back."

Paddy Pimblett continued:

"I hope he beats Bobby Green, because I'll snap his arm for him in a round. Had a boxing match with him and I still won, because you're s**t. I hope he watches this. You're f**king dog s**t. At my worst, you couldn't beat me at your best. Injured, everything going wrong, and you couldn't beat me on my worst day, and I beat you on your best, because you're a little bum."

Check out Paddy Pimblett's comments on Jared Gordon below (starting at the 5:41 mark):


Pimblett defeated Gordon via unanimous decision despite many fans and fighters believing that 'Flash' won the bout. Gordon will face Bobby Green at UFC Fight Night 222. If he is able to get past the retiring lightweight, 'The Baddy' is open to a rematch.

Paddy Pimblett's return: Michael Bisping suggests top-ten featherweight as an opponent

While Paddy Pimblett may be targeting a rematch with Jared Gordon, UFC Hall of Famer Michael Bisping has a different opponent in mind for him. The former middleweight champion suggested 'The Baddy' face Ilia Topuria upon his imminent return to the cage, stating:

"I would say Paddy Pimblett, even though he's too big for The O2 Arena now - too big, he's too big for it, one of the biggest arenas in the world, he's too big. I would say Paddy versus - you know what, I like that Ilia Topuria fight even though Topuria's now fighting at 145. They've got backstory, they've got beef, they've got s**t so that would be a good one."

Check out Michael Bisping's comments below (starting at the 48:26 mark):


Pimblett and Topuria were at odds for much of 2022 following an altercation at the fighter hotel ahead of UFC Fight Night 204. The drama carried over to UFC 282 where both appeared on the main card. 'The Baddy' did not stay at the fighter hotel, leading the No.9-ranked featherweight to accuse the unranked lightweight of avoiding him.

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