Brock Purdy (#13) of the San Francisco 49ers

49ers QB depth chart: How many QBs do San Francisco 49ers have?

The San Francisco 49ers' fairytale season is over, with the Super Bowl dark horses being eliminated by a vastly superior Philadelphia Eagles.

The 49ers' run was amazing, but it ended in utterly embarrassing fashion. They got battered 31-7 against the Eagles and lost their rookie wunderkind, Brock Purdy, to injury in the game's early stages. That left Josh Johnson as their only fit quarterback, and it didn't end well.


As such, the 49ers currently have four senior quarterbacks on their depth chart. The QBs on San Francisco's depth chart are Brock Purdy, Josh Johnson, Jimmy Garoppolo and Trey Lance. All these players has NFL experience and played some snaps in the 2022-23 NFL season. How many of them are retained for the 2023 NFL regular season remains to be seen.

The entire San Francisco 49ers football team in the 2023 NFC Championship:

How did San Francisco 49ers QBs perform this season?

San Francisco used a staggering four quarterbacks in the 2022-23 NFL season, with varying degrees of success.


The 49ers started the season with Trey Lance at the center, as the sophomore QB was fresh off winning the preseason QB competition against Jimmy Garoppolo. Lance's time as QB1 lasted briefly, as the North Dakota State University alum went down with an ankle injury in Week 1 of the 2022 NFL season and was subsequently ruled out for the rest of the season.

i’ll never give up on Trey Lance.

Step in Jimmy Garoppolo, the man affectionately known as Jimmy G, was derided for much of the preseason, as the 49ers front office made it clear that he would be playing QB2 behind Trey Lance.

Jimmy G didn't flinch and stuck to his guns. He was called in to replace an injured Lance in the 49ers' Week 1 game and performed admirably. He started ten straight games, putting the team on his back and posting career highs in some categories. Unfortunately for Garoppolo, he got injured in the matchup against the Miami Dolphins, cutting short his promising season.

“Brock Purdy showed you his value yesterday… When he is on the field, they win… When he is not, they get blown out.” - Brandon Marshall

: @FanDuelTV | @heykayadams | @BMarshall

Next up was Brock Purdy, the last overall pick of the 2022 NFL draft and the holder of the dubious title of "Mr. Irrelevant".

Purdy replaced Jimmy G in the ill-fated Miami Dolphins game and led the San Francisco 49ers to a win. Remarkably, Purdy did not lose a regular season game as a starter, leading the team to the playoffs.

Unfortunately for the San Francisco 49ers, the injury bug struck again, with Purdy hurting his elbow in the NFC Championship game against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Josh Johnson might be one of the worst QBs in NFL history:

Following the loss of Purdy to injury, career journeyman QB Josh Johnson took to the gridiron to replace the former "Mr. Irrelevant".

The less that can be said about Johnson's performance, the better, as the veteran QB had a nightmarishly bad game at center for the 49ers. The San Francisco 49ers lost the game 31-7, which snapped their remarkable playoff run just one short of the Super Bowl game.

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