Patrick Mahomes' daughter shows adorable side

Patrick Mahomes and Brittany's daughter Sterling shows adorable side with animals

Patrick Mahomes' daughter is a star on Instagram. Patrick and his wife Brittany post regular updates on social media, most of them including the one-year-old toddler. Of course, fans are already doting on little Mahomes, endeared by any content shared by the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback.

Brittany Mahomes uploaded the most recent photos on her IG. Shot from the back, Sterling was leaning close to her mother while looking at the animals.

Brittany Mahomes and daughter Sterling

While one can tell Sterling is trying to move away, she continues to look at the animals. She might be a little shy and scared, but the toddler remains extremely fond and continues to wave.

"She loves to look at all the animals and wave to them but never gets to close to them or touches."

The animals in the photos are sting rays, and are probably swimming away as Sterling tries to wave.

Brittany has previously shared other photos of Sterling with the animals, be it at the zoo or with their own pets. Despite some hesitation from Sterling's side, she seems to be incredibly fond of the same.


Brittany and Patrick Mahomes are expecting their second baby

Patrick Mahomes with his family at Los Angeles Chargers v Kansas City Chiefs

The Mahomes family will be welcoming another baby into their lives sometime mid-season. Just like with Sterling, the couple have posted multiple updates about their new baby online. Often, Brittany even poses with Sterling while showing off her baby bump. The mother-daughter duo looked spectacular together on the field, present to cheer Patrick Mahomes on as the season began.

Brittany has been dressing Sterling up for games, affectionately calling it 'Sterling Style'.


The Chiefs started with a 2-1 record, losing their third game against the Indianapolis Colts. Fans remain excited for the rest of the season, hoping for more wins as the season progresses. Their next fixture will be away to Tom Bray and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Monday night. This will be as tough a fixture as any in the NFL.

The Buccaneers lost their last fixture against the Green Bay Packers and will be raring to go against the Chiefs. We will see who can record a victory on Monday Night Football.

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