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Giratina has two powerful forms (Image via ILCA)

Top 5 legendary Pokemon from the Sinnoh region

The Sinnoh region is known for introducing tons of new legendary Pokemon. Now that both Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl and Pokemon Legends: Arceus have been released, fans got to revisit the Sinnoh legendaries a couple of times.

They all have huge stats and monstrous attacks, making them tough to compare with each other.


Which legendary Pokemon from Sinnoh are the most powerful?

5) Cresselia

Cresselia has very high defenses (Image via Game Freak)

Arguably not the strongest legendary, but Cresselia barely takes any damage, even from super-effective hits. 120 HP, 120 Defense, and 130 Special Defense are practically ideal stats for a defensive Pokemon.


Cresselia’s movepool is also wide open with access to "Calm Mind," "Moonblast," "Psychic," "Ice Beam," and many other great moves.

4) Giratina Altered

Giratina Altered has better defenses than Origin (Image via Game Freak)

Many people use Giratina as an attacker, and it’s hard to blame them as clicking Shadow Force usually picks up a KO. However, fans may be surprised at how Giratina Altered can operate as a tank.

It gets lots of status moves, like "Will-o-Wisp" and "Toxic" (in the older gens). Not only do they chip away at the opponent, but they make Giratina’s Hex attack more powerful.

3) Dialga

Dialga is one of only few Dragon/Steel-types (Image via ILCA)

It’s hard to understate how good the Steel and Dragon-type combination is. It’s tough to find something that can hit Dialga for super effective damage, and even then, it better be a "Close Combat" or "Earthquake," or else Dialga will live the hit.

Dialga also has a great pool of attacks for as bulky as it is. Its signature move, "Roar of Time," isn’t even necessary since it also learns "Draco Meteor." That’s on top of "Flamethrower," "Thunder," "Flash Cannon," and several other high-powered attacks.

2) Palkia


It may not have the bulk that the other Pokemon on this list have, but Palkia is probably the best attacker on the list. It comes ready with a solid natural movepool, with "Hydro Pump" and "Spacial Rend" being the stand-out moves.

On top of that, it learns "Flamethrower," "Ice Beam," "Thunderbolt," and several other massive attacks. Palkia's base 150 Special Attack also helps.

1) Arceus

Arceus can be any type (Image via Game Freak)

It shouldn’t be surprising to find a god at the top spot on this ranking. With 120 base stats across the board, Arceus can be whatever its trainers want it to be. Arceus can be a solid defensive wall with access to "Cosmic Power" and "Recover."

It can also certainly go on the offensive, though. "Judgment" practically ensures it will get at least one strong STAB move, depending on the plate it’s holding. It also learns "Earth Power," "Thunderbolt," and plenty of other strong moves. It can even run a physical set with "Swords Dance" and "Extremespeed."

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