The HM for Fly is in Veilstone City (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Where to find the HM for Fly in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl?

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Many trainers in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl will want to get the HM for Fly as soon as possible.

As nice as it is to walk around this brand new version of the Sinnoh region, the walking can get tedious after a while. During runs, players will often need to get to a previous location but won’t want to walk back there. This is why Fly is one of the best HMs; it can get the player where they need to go in an instant.


Special move helps trainers travel in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

The location for the HM Fly is Veilstone City. Trainers will come across here on their hunt for the third badge. To find Veilstone City, trainers will need to head east past Hearthome City, go north through Solaceon Town, and turn right.

When trainers first arrive in Veilstone City, they will be prompted to double battle with Dawn against a pair of Team Galactic Grunts. Like most of the others, these grunts are pushovers: they only bring a couple of Bug-types along with Croagunk and Stunky.


However, these Team Galactic grunts are blocking a pathway to a warehouse behind them. After sending them packing, trainers should definitely head up the stairs and explore this warehouse.

Unfortunately, trainers won’t be able to explore that much of the warehouse at this stage of the game. To the right, in between a couple of boxes, though, is TM94 Fly.

Fly is located between these boxes (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Although that’s about the most they can do in the area, for now, trainers will definitely want to keep this warehouse in mind. They will need to return here before the end of the game to infiltrate Team Galactic’s Headquarters. There is also a Dusk Stone by the desk in the locked room.

One nice quality of life improvement that ILCA implemented in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl was wild Pokemon that can use Hidden Moves. Instead of teaching each move to a Pokemon, now trainers can click each Hidden Move on their Poketch, and a wild Pokemon will come and perform the desired action.

With Fly, for instance, a Staravia will come and ferry the trainer if they don’t have a Pokemon that knows the Fly attack. That being said, though, Fly isn’t a terrible move to teach a Pokemon. It may take two turns to use, but it has 90 base power and 95% accuracy. This is a great option for Flying-type Pokemon, which haven’t learned Brave Bird or Hurricane at that point in the game.

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