Jisoo's Iconic Style (Image via Instagram/@sooyaaa__)

5 most iconic Blackpink Jisoo’s fashion moments 

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo boasts a perfect confluence of talent and fashion in the K-pop universe. Known for her vocals and unique charm, Jisoo has carved out a distinctive identity in the fashion world, effortlessly delivering iconic looks. Her style, a blend of bold and understated, echoes through her red-carpet appearances and off-duty looks.

Jisoo's recent appearances at Dior's Spring and Autumn/Winter Haute Couture shows have only solidified her status as a fashion icon. Her ability to breathe new life into classic looks showcases her elementary style.


Her diverse wardrobe ranges from classic black dresses to more adventurous and colorful ensembles. Stepping away from her signature style, she stunned fans with a bold and mesmerizing mesh dress, claiming the most iconic fashion moments of Spring 2023.

Here are the most iconic of Blackpink Jisoo’s fashion moments, highlighting her ability to personify different styles with elegance.


Blackpink Jisoo’s Iconic fashion moments


1. Hollywood Classic Reinvented

Jisoo's Fashion Moments (Image via Instagram/@sooyaaa__)

Jisoo channeled timeless Hollywood elegance during Dior's Spring 2023 Haute Couture show, where she recreated Audrey Hepburn's iconic hairdo. This ode to Hepburn's glamour became an internet sensation, earning its place as her most iconic fashion statement.


2. School-girl Aesthetic Reimagined

Redefining School Girl Fashion (Image via Instagram/@sooyaaa__)

Jisoo’s rendition of the school-girl aesthetic was anything but regular. She paired a plaid waistcoat with a matching skirt and a loose white shirt. This refreshing twist breathed new life into a classic look.

3. A Stunning Bold Statement

Jisoo's Unexpected Fashion Choice (Image via Instagram/@sooyaaa__)

Breaking her usual style, Jisoo left fans in awe with a bold fashion statement - a mesh long dress adorned with feathery details paired with green chunky boots. This departure from her signature look easily makes this one of her iconic fashion choices.

4. Regal Elegance

Regal Opulence (Image via Instagram/@sooyaaa__)

Jisoo exuded regal elegance at Dior’s Autumn/Winter 2023 show in a custom purple strapless dress. Paired with soft side curls and a Dior purse, this outfit epitomizes her classy and sophisticated fashion style.

5. Party-Ready Twinsets

Stunning Party Look (Image via Instagram/@sooyaaa__)

Her choice of preppy twinsets for parties showcases her understanding of versatile and transitional fashion. The stunning ivory ensemble she donned perfectly shows her impeccable fashion sense.

Throughout her career, Jisoo has consistently impressed the fashion world with her versatile and sophisticated choices. With her impeccable styling sense, Jisoo has become an unforgettable moment as a true fashion icon within the Blackpink group. As she continues to break boundaries in the fashion world, we eagerly anticipate more trendsetting looks from the K-pop star.


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