Nike Terminator Low “University Blue” sneakers: Where to get, price, and more details explored

Nike Terminator Low “University Blue” sneakers
Nike Terminator Low “University Blue” sneakers ( image via News Break)

Another new pair is about to come from Nike's Terminator library and this time it will be in 'University Blue'. Since its beginning, the pairs from this series have been one of the favorites on the basketball hardwood and gradually it became a street staple as well.

Taking inspiration from Air Jordan and Dunk, Terminator is the coolest amalgamation of those two. However, for several years it has had no releases but the fad around Terminator never fades away.

This series was introduced to the sneaker world by the school basketball tournaments where their competitors were another Nike classics Dunk and one of the major sports shoe giants, Converse. However, the Terminator stood out because of its unique design and cushy experience.

Featured in mesh and leather, this pair was made to cater the Georgetown's athlete's feet and the huge Nike logo became the moniker as 'Big Nike'. This 'University Blue' colorway will land in 2023 but the official date is not unfurled yet and the price is set for $120.

Nike Terminator a.k.a Big Nike is coming back in the 'University Blue' hue

In 2023, Nike released several colorways from the Terminator library, and this velvet brown stands out because of its unique designs. However, this 'university blue' hued pair carries the signature features of the big Nike.

The Terminator of Arnold Schwarzenegger was released in 1984 and just a year later, Nike launched the Terminator series. However, Nike lore has several pieces of documentation behind launching the big Nike series.

In the 'Be True to your school program, Nike sponsored several universities like St. John's, University of Iowa, University of Kentucky, etc. Nike sponsored their sneakers and all of them received Dunk whereas Georgetown got something else.

The coach of Georgetown John Thompson has a close connection with Nike as both of them were from Beaverton. Thompson wanted a special sneaker from Nike, familiar to the legend Patrick Ewing. Taking inspiration from him, Moore designed the Georgetown customized pair.

When it comes to Nike Terminator design, it has a similarity with Dunk and Air Jordan 1. The toe case and mudguard pattern look quite similar to Dunk whereas the Air Jordan 1 can be found on the heel and ankle. In this classic 'University Blue' colorway, the old pattern is iterated.

The shoe features a white rubber sole with university blue outer soles, and the front side has a geometric pattern. A white stitching joins the upper with the base, which is made of leather and includes a perforated toe case for improved breathability. The mudguard is painted in University Blue, and the large swoosh imitates the same shade.

Nike Terminator Low “University Blue” sneakers ( image via News Desk)
Nike Terminator Low “University Blue” sneakers ( image via News Desk)

Overall branding is hardly seen except for the heel tab and tongue. Keeping it very simple, the classic Nike tag is glued in a Blue hue on the Tongue. However, the signature big Nike branding is stuck on the heel tab and some of the letters are visible from the side view.

However, the first big Nike sneaker, 'Hoyas' was written on the heel tab to signify the slogan of Georgetown. The first pair came in Grey and Navy Blue which was super cushy as Ralph Dalton, the 7 feet center basketball player from Georgetown couched,

"At the time, Georgetown equipment was hot. In that era, everybody was wearing our caps, sweaters, and jackets – it didn’t matter where you were in the country. When the shoe came out, that was the hottest craze. And it became a really, really big deal. For a lot of the inner-city kids, it became a status symbol. And it was a very popular thing because, at that point, Georgetown was pretty hot. That was the peak of our success in athletics."

Continuing the retro design, this pair from big Nike will be dropped soon in 'University Blue' and sneakerheads can buy it for $120.

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