Fear Street: Best horror movies to watch this Halloween (Image via IMDB)

Halloween movies: 5 best films to watch on Netflix

Halloween is the ideal season to release some of the best horror films and television shows. While some of these stories are heavily inspired by the myths and legends surrounding the spooky festival, others include some brilliantly written horror films that stand out as great cinema apart from maintaining an eerie tone.

Horror is one genre that finds prominence on Netflix. Midnight Mass, The Haunting of Hill House, and The Sandman are some of the most well-made horror series on the streaming giant. However, when it comes to horror films, Netflix is predominantly home to much older horror movies alongside a few relatively new titles.


Here are some of the best horror films to watch this Halloween 2022.

The best Halloween watches on Netflix


1) Under the Shadow (2016)

Under the Shadow (Image via The New York Times)

Under the Shadow is a Persian horror-thriller film that combines elements of politics, psychology, motherhood, myth, and legend to create a layered narrative. The film also provides insights into the spiritual beliefs of the Middle East, making it an interesting watch for Halloween.

The movie follows a mother and her young daughter during the Iran-Iraq War, as a missile comes crashing into their home. With a neighbor telling her that evil spirits could have accompanied the missile, the mother strives to protect her daughter at all costs.

Under the Shadow was widely acclaimed for its commentary on the effects of war, the hardships faced by women, and the dynamics of systemic oppression. The strong and motivated protagonist is a well-written character and keeps the audience hooked to the film. The film is currently streaming on Netflix.


2) Things Heard and Seen (2021)

Things Heard and Seen (Image via IMDB)

Things Heard and Seen uses the genre of horror to make some earnest comments on gender and the nature of abuse. The film is a perfect Halloween watch, however, the movie draws from the slow-burn horror and age-old tropes of the good and the evil.

The story is set in 1980 when Catherine moves to a small town with her husband and young daughter. Their new home, however, hosts several spirits, the nature of whom remains uncertain for a long time. The film discusses the forces of good and evil while referencing some popular philosophical theories and household politics.

Amanda Seyfried, James Norton, and Karen Allen deliver powerful performances that add emotion to the politics of Things Heard and Seen. The film is a Netflix original and is currently streaming on the platform.

3) Ouija: Origin of Evil (2016)

Ouija: Origin of Evil (Image via The Times)

Ouija: Origin of Evil uses the classic trope of a consciously invited spirit overstaying its welcome. In this film, a mother and two daughters regularly use the Ouija board to help people attain closure. However, one particular spirit ends up possessing her youngest daughter.

While the story seems like it has been told a hundred times over, Ouija: Origin of Evil treats the subject in a nuanced manner. The jump scares are all well-placed and do not feel forced at all. All the lead actors deliver great performances, making the movie worthwhile despite the cliches.

Ouija: Origin of Evil is an excellent watch for this Halloween as it includes all the elements one expects from a horror film.

4) Sinister II (2015)

Sinister 2 (Image via IMDB)

The first part of Sinister is among the finest horror films ever made, and the sequel doesn't lag far behind. This film explores the Bhuguul's curse and introduces some fascinating characters into the world of Sinister. In the first part, Ethan Hawke delivers an excellent performance which adds to the well-constructed narrative of the film.

Although it is a typical horror film where the protagonist investigates the history of a haunted home, Sinister II is way ahead of other contemporary horror flicks, owing to its treatment and deeply disturbing visuals. The slow-burn horror manages to creep out the viewers for a long time.

However, the critical acclaim the film received wasn't close to the original. Nevertheless, fans of the original should definitely check this one out this Halloween.

5) Fear Street Part 1: 1994 (2021)

Fear Street part 1 (Image via Rotten Tomatoes)

The Fear Street trilogy is extremely popular on Netflix. Following a group of teenage friends who unexpectedly learn about a series of murders, the first film in the trilogy digs into a 300-year-old evil force that has haunted their home.

Fear Street Part 1 received pretty positive reviews, which is rare for horror films that are Netflix originals. The performances by the young cast makes the film all the more interesting to watch. Despite being a classic horror film, Fear Street Part 1 also displays excellent attention to detail as the color in every frame is carefully constructed.

Fear Street Part 1: 1994 is streaming on Netflix.

While there is a very long list of horror films that can be viewed during Halloween, some are not just emotionally stimulating but also thought-provoking.

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