Who does Ethan Hawke play in Disney + Moon Knight? The actor reveals how a chat with Oscar landed him a "bad guy" role

Ethan Hawke plays a villain who is both evil and completely sane in 'Moon Knight'. (Image via IMDb)
Ethan Hawke plays a villain who is both evil and completely sane in 'Moon Knight'. (Image via IMDb)

With Marvel's newest series, Moon Knight, about to premiere on Disney+ on March 30, 2022, Ethan Hawke who plays Arthur Harrow, the antagonist in the movie, was invited on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on March 25, 2022.

Jimmy Fallon and Hawke discussed on the show how he ended up on Moon Knight, how Oscar Isaac wanted him in the role of the bad guy, seeing his character as a part monk and part doctor. The funniest part is that all this happened over "a cup of coffee."

He also discussed how he found the look and voice and why he needed to play the character as someone malevolent but completely sane. While Ethan discussed all these details, he cleverly didn't clearly voice out what his villainous character is capable of, and even went on to debunk the wildest fan theories about him.


Let's take a look at the role Ethan Hawke is playing in the series.

Who is Ethan Hawke on Disney+ Moon Knight?

Ethan Hawke as Dr. Arthur Harrow. (Image via IMDb)
Ethan Hawke as Dr. Arthur Harrow. (Image via IMDb)

As Oscar Isaac's Moon Knight makes his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut, one will be looking at the dark side of the Moon. Ethan Hawke made his MCU debut as the show's villain, alongside Isaac as the sleep-deprived Marc Spector.

Closed captions in the first trailer clarify Hawke's role as Dr. Arthur Harrow, a name that may be unfamiliar to many. Harrow first appeared in Moon Knight: Fists of Khonshu #2 in 1985, where he played a Nobel Prize-nominated doctor who invented his own pain theory.


Since nothing is known about Ethan's character beyond his name, suspicious parties linked Harrow's treatment to the Nazis and Auschwitz, drawing Moon Knight's notice. He's not precisely Thanos, but a minor villain in a single issue. However, the MCU has previously turned this type of character around.

Harrow might be an alias for a much more powerful foe, and if that's the case, many believe they've already figured out that Hawke is the notorious Sun King. Sun King is an ex-marine who was admitted to the Ravencroft Institute under the designation Patient 86 cueing to a Venom crossover.

Could this in this sarcophagus be the famous "Book of Ra"? - There is a sacred gold scarab and a gold book with hieroglyphics.Is this powerful objet what Arthur Harrow is looking for? - Marc Spector looking for holy relics like Indiana Jones. What a Show is #MoonKnight!!

The Sun King destroys the institute and exposes himself as an incarnation of the Egyptian god Amon Ra. Spector derives his abilities from the god Khonshu, who is the son of Amon Ra, and this is possibly how Oscar Issac and Ethan Hawkes could be mutually linked as Hawkes advises him to "embrace the chaos".

Hawke's brief appearance in the trailer, which sees him traveling through a drab town while dressed in robes, adds to the impression that Harrow is a front for the Sun King. Soon, the individuals surrounding Harrow bow down to him in a cult-like fashion, as though he's a god.

Moon Knight will be available to stream on Disney+ from March 30, 2022.

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