''It is insane'': Twitter fumes over Midnight Mass' Emmys snub

Netflix's Midnight Mass's snub from the 2022 Emmys nominations has caused outrage among its fans (Image via IMDb)
Netflix's Midnight Mass's snub from the 2022 Emmys nominations has caused outrage among its fans (Image via IMDb)

The Emmys surprisingly snubbed Netflix's acclaimed supernatural horror series Midnight Mass in their 2022 nominations.

The series received widespread critical acclaim last year for its strong writing, atmosphere and thematic depth. Its fans have now taken to Twitter to express their shock and disbelief over the snub.

I don’t usually take notice of awards and stuff, but Midnight Mass not being nominated is insane to me

Fans praise Hamish Linklater's performances, shocked after Midnight Mass fails to garner Emmy nominations

Several fans of Midnight Mass took to Twitter to express their disappointment after the show failed to garner any major Emmy nominations. They spoke about the various categories the series could have received nominations for and slammed the Emmys.

Here's a look at some of the Twitter reactions:

this monologue alone was emmy deserving midnight mass you will always be loved

Some viewers highlighted Hamish Linklater's performance in the show and expressed their disappointment over the actor not being nominated for the Emmys. One Twitter user called it an ''awful snub.''

there isn’t a more deserving emmy nomination in the last year than hamish linklater in MIDNIGHT MASS and i’m disappointed he didn’t get it
one of the biggest emmy snubs though is hamish linklater's performance in midnight mass. creepy and exquisite from beginning to end. pure madness. awful snub.
That midnight mass snub for the limited series category is nasty work
imagine watching midnight mass and not giving it any emmy nominations
Midnight Mass not being nominated at the Emmys is a joke. Best show of 2021. The cast were all brilliant, but Hamish Linklater, @RahulKohli13 and Samantha Sloyan should've been nominated 100%.
I don’t usually take notice of awards and stuff, but Midnight Mass not being nominated is insane to me
Inventing Anna being nominated but not Midnight Mass is actually atrocious
midnight mass was snubbed they all died for nothing
midnight mass i am so sorry you got snubbed so hard i will make an award for you myself with my own bare hands

Midnight Mass fans are clearly outraged and have been all over Twitter since the Emmy nominations announcement was made.

Creator Mike Flanagan took to Twitter to express his gratitude to fans who praised the show and said they felt it was unfairly snubbed at the 2022 Emmy nominations.

Here's his tweet:

Really, really appreciate our MIDNIGHT MASS fans today. It's been very cool to see you guys rally, and it means a lot. Thank you for the messages and tweets, you guys are the best.

More details about the show


Midnight Mass is set on a secluded island where bizarre and mysterious events occur after the arrival of a priest.

The official synopsis of the series on Netflix reads:

''The arrival of a charismatic young priest brings glorious miracles, ominous mysteries and renewed religious fervor to a dying town depserate to believe.''

The show received immense critical acclaim for its writing, characterization, tight storyline and thematic ambitions. It has a distinctly creepy atmosphere that fans of shows like The Haunting of Hill House and The Haunting of Bly Manor will certainly love.

The performances by the cast also received high praise from critics. Hamish Linklater, who essays the role of the charismatic priest, Father Hill, and Rahul Kohli, who plays Sheriff Hassan, were widely lauded on social media.

Other notable omissions at the 2022 Emmy nominations announcement


Apart from Midnight Mass, there were several other notable omissions in the 2022 Emmy nominations announcement. One of them was ABC's black-ish, which has won several Emmy awards in the past.

Another shocking snub was Apple TV+'s Pachinko. Directed by acclaimed filmmaker Kogonada, Pachinko focuses on the lives of a Korean immigrant family, depicting their struggles and challenges as they adapt to a foreign culture and a new life.

Many fans were also disappointed over actor Oscar Issac not being nominated for his performance in the Marvel series, Moon Knight.

The actor, however, did receive an Emmy nomination for his stunning performance in HBO's acclaimed marital drama, Scenes From A Marriage, which also stars Jessica Chastain. The show is based on the legendary Swedish auteur Ingmar Bergman's TV series of the same name.

The nominees for the 74th Emmy Awards were announced on Tuesday.

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