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Home, Not Alone (Image via Lifetime)

Home, Not Alone on Lifetime: Cast list and characters explored

LMN's latest thriller film, Home, Not Alone, is set to premiere on the channel on Sunday, March 26, 2023, at 8 pm ET.

The movie centers around a woman and her daughter who move to a new house, following which they begin to experience strange events all around, turning their lives into an absolute nightmare.


A short description of the movie, as per LMN, reads:

''Sara Wilson and her 18-year-old daughter, Jordyn, move into their dream home in a great neighborhood to make a fresh start. But when strange occurrences start happening in the house, Sara can’t help but feel danger is lurking closer than she thinks.''

The movie stars Andrea Bogart in the lead role, along with many other actors playing important supporting characters. It is helmed by noted director and writer Amy Barrett.

LMN's Home, Not Alone cast list: Andrea Bogart and others to feature in new thriller movie


1) Andrea Bogart as Sara

Andrea Bogart plays the lead role of Sara in LMN's Home, Not Alone. Sara, along with her teenage daughter, moves to a new house, following which their lives take a shocking turn as they experience bizarre events.

Sara is the protagonist and the story is told from her point of view. It'll be interesting to see how her character will be explored.

Viewers might be familiar with Andrea Bogart from numerous other movies like Cheer Camp Killer, Kill Thy Neighbor, and Kidnapped By a Classmate, to name a few.


2) Maya Jenson as Jordyn

Actress Maya Jenson dons the role of Jordyn in the new Lifetime thriller movie. Jordyn is Sara's teenage daughter who plays a significant role in the story. Viewers can expect Jenson to deliver a memorable performance in the film.

Apart from Home, Not Alone, Maya Jenson has starred in short films like Canary and Low Lifes.


3) Adam Huss as Colin

Adam Huss essays the character of Colin in Home, Not Alone. Apart from that, more details about the character are currently being kept under tight wraps, but viewers can expect him to play a pivotal role in the flick.

His other notable film and TV acting credits include Infamously in Love, Power, Waiting in the Wings: Still Waiting, Mile High Escorts, Another Coffee House Chronicles Movie, Strangers in the Night, and many more.

Apart from the aforementioned actors, Home, Not Alone also stars various other actors in significant supporting/minor roles, including:

  • Luke Meissner as Noah
  • Alicia S Mason as Lucy
  • Austen Jaye as Detective Bryant
  • Elijah Mahar as Frank
  • Jamie Bernadette as Kendall
  • Julieanna Bartling as Anna

An official trailer or preview for the film has not been released yet, but based on the synopsis shared by LMN, viewers can look forward to a powerful and emotional character-driven thriller film that delves deep into some of the most disturbing and complicated facets of the human mind.

Fans who enjoyed Lifetime's other popular crime thrillers like Stranger Next Door, Nanny Dearest, and You Can't Escape Me should certainly check this one out.

You can watch Home, Not Alone on LMN on Sunday, March 26, 2023, at 8 pm ET.

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