Infamously in Love cast list: Jennifer Freeman, Adam Huss and others star in UPtv film

Infamously in Love
Infamously in Love starring Jennifer Freeman and Adam Huss premieres on UPtv on Sunday, October 9, 2022 (Image via UPtv)

UPtv's upcoming rom-com titled Infamously in Love is all set to hit the platform this Sunday, October 9, 2022, at 7:00 pm ET. The movie will star Jennifer Freeman from A Royal Surprise and Adam Huss from Is It Just Me?, among others.

Infamously in Love revolves around a pop star named Ivy Rose (Freeman), who wants to get away from her demanding manager and famous ex-boyfriend. In the process, she encounters a record store owner, Darren Howard (Huss), who treats her like a regular person.

But leaving this reality is no simple task. Ivy had never previously made her own decisions. Additionally, there are other shackles that bind her to the world of fame that come with living the life of a celebrity. Will she, however, be able to live the life of a simpleton and date a normal man away from stardom?

As per UPtv, the official synopsis reads,

"A frustratingly micromanaged popstar who dreams of the “ordinary” that life has to offer finds herself torn between her celebrity ex, the machinations of her controlling manager, and a developing romance with a down-to-earth record store owner."

It further reads:

"Will she gain more autonomy over her life – especially her love life – and start making decisions for herself, or will the celebrity machine be too powerful for her to ever feel even remotely normal?"

Learn more about the cast of Infamously in Love ahead of its premiere this Sunday.

Meet the cast of UPtv's Infamously in Love

1) Jennifer Freeman as Ivy Rose

American actress Jennifer Nicole Freeman is popular for playing Claire Kyle in the comedy My Wife and Kids and also for her appearances in the movies Johnson Family Vacation and You Got Served. Additionally, she has also starred in TV shows including Switched!, One on One, and The OC. Freeman has also been featured in B2K's Girlfriend music video and serves as a spokesmodel for Neutrogena cosmetics.

Freeman's television credits include 7th Heaven, Even Stevens, and Lizzie McGuire. She has starred in movies such as Mercy Street, You Got Served, Johnson Family Vacation, The '70s, and The Visit, among others. The actress has also performed on stage in L.A.-area versions of The Wiz, playing Dorothy and Billa in The Gift.

2) Adam Huss as Darren Howard

Adam Huss made his acting debut as a series regular on the popular Starz show Power after earning a BA in drama from Binghamton University in New York. Adam has been on several television programs, including General Hospital, NBC's Ironside, CSI: NY, NCIS, NCIS: LA, LAS VEGAS, and others.

Huss has also featured in a number of major motion pictures, including Painkillers, Wannabe: All Washed Up, Famously Normal, and Family Friends. His most recent films include Witness Unprotected, Fiance Killer, Another Mother, and Secrets In The Air. Other credits include Resurrection County, Wrestle Maniac, Insight, Ernesto's Manifesto, Paradox, Still Waiting In The Wings, and Is It Just Me?

3) Sydney Agudong as Karina

Sydney Agudong is a professional singer, songwriter, and actor. She relocated to Los Angeles from Hawaii to pursue her singing and acting career and has featured as the titular character Jasmine in the coming-of-age film West Michigan, which premiered in April 2021 on Amazon, Itunes, and other platforms. Agudong also featured in a recurring role as Charlize in season 4 of Netflix's hit series On My Block.

The full cast list of UPtv's upcoming Infamously in Love


The remainder of the cast list of the upcoming romantic comedy Infamously in Love, which is scheduled to premiere on UPtv this Sunday, October 9, 2022, includes:

  • Candace Kita As Naomi
  • Rich Barnes As Sean
  • Nicole Pulliam As Addison
  • Noah Fearnley As Becker
  • Steve Olson As Shaun
  • Koko Marshall As Cameron
  • Paige Hullett As Paige
  • John T. Hillman As Hip Record Store Patron

As previously mentioned, Infamously in Love premieres on October 9, 2022, at 9 pm ET om UPtv.

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