Netflix's The Mole season 1 premiere: How did Joi Schweitzer's one decision cost her team $25,000?

Joi reduces the pot money to save herself (Images via joiridehigh_fit/ Instagram)
Joi reduces the pot money to save herself (Images via joiridehigh_fit/ Instagram)

The first five episodes of The Mole were released on Netflix on October 7, and it seems the 12 contestants have already begun to speculate on who they believe is "the mole." After a series of tasks requiring both physical strength and mental acuity, the players earned $28,500 in their money pot.

In a challenge, team members were given the opportunity to view confidential files containing information about other competitors. If these files had not been opened, the competitors would have made $10,000. Those who did not look through the files were given the opportunity to win an exemption from the test by bidding some money from the prize pot. They only needed to guess who had read the information.

One of the contestants, Joi Schweitzer, wanted to win an exemption from the test. She bid $25,000 against Greg, assuming that he had opened the files, and she was correct, reducing the team's earnings to $3,500.

How did The Mole teammates react to Joi giving away $25,000 to save herself?

Joi brought down the group's earnings by $25,000 to save herself. Greg Shapiro was the one who went through the files and concluded that it would have no effect on the pot money. The note, however, did state that people who did not open them would be rewarded.

Such a big loss affected everyone but the mole. The contestants kept on screaming, "What?, What?" after hearing about the money lost.

Pranav said that no one in their right mind would have made that decision. Dom felt that Joi must have made a typo and added another zero to the amount. William also felt that it was not logical and their was,

"No justification in the world to do something so outlandish."

Joi justified herself by saying that she just wanted to secure herself a place in the competition for the night. Dom said that he prayed to God that she would write his name down in the bet. He was wrong since Joi guessed Greg and everyone immediately knew that they had lost the money. Greg was not a team player, according to William, who claimed that if anyone was going to look at the files, it would be the former.

Dom was very upset because he wanted to give the prize money to his mother, but Joi tried to convince her fellow The Mole contestants that she would bring back the $25,000 money.

Greg was just happy that no attention was on him because of Joi and stated that he loved the drama. Schweitzer then fought Avori after the latter accused her of deliberately losing games. She said that they had not won a single mission that Joi had been a part of.

More about Joi Schweitzer

40-year-old Joi Schweitzer is a part of the less than 1% black women community who are commercial pilots. She is originally from Atlanta. Joi’s father is a retired aircraft mechanic and she decided to become a pilot when she sat behind the controller of the military aircraft her father flew in.

Joi is a Georgia State University alumni with a degree in psychology and experience as a flight attendant. She is also a health and fitness coach who wants other mothers to live healthy lifestyles like she does.

Joi caused her team to lose the first round when she failed to give them the correct direction, despite being a pilot who flew planes on a daily basis. In the second challenge, she lied to Kesi about seeing no keys outside her locked door when there was one.

Tune into The Mole on Netflix on October 14 to see Joi make another choice between winning an exemption card or winning $15,000 for the pot.

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