A Country Romance cast list: Alix Angelis, Jonathan Bennett and others star in UPtv film

Alix Angelis and Jonathan Bennett in the poster of
Alix Angelis and Jonathan Bennett in the poster of 'A Country Romance' (Image via IMDb)

Danny Roth's directorial A Country Romance is set to premiere on UPtv on Sunday, October 2, 2022. The movie revolves around a woman who returns to her father's vineyard after the family decides to put it up for sale. However, she is faced with the decision to either let go of the farm, or quit her city life after she meets a charming neighbor.

Written by Alix Angelis, who also features as the protagonist of the television film, A Country Romance, will be released on UPtv on October 2, at 7 pm ET.


UPtv's synopsis of A Country Romance reads:

"When Sarah learns her family’s vineyard is up for sale, she returns home to help with the last harvest. After the help of handsome neighbor Gabe, Sarah must decide whether to return to her fast-paced life or follow her heart."

Angelis' film also features actors Jonathan Bennett, Violet Tinnirello, Randy Wayne, Austin Highsmith, Mike Page, James Austin Kerr, and Darryl Cox, among others.

Read on to learn more about the cast of A Country Romance.

A Country Romance cast: Who's who in this upcoming romantic drama on UPtv?

The trailer of A Country Romance was released on September 26, 2022. It began with Sara asking for a leave from her boss to visit her father's vineyard, which the family has decided to sell. In response, the boss said,

"But you are not going to go down there and fall in love with some farm hand and not come back to us?"

Sara responded and said, "Not likely." It was followed by her visit to the vineyard, where she met Gabe-the-neighbor, and the film shows how they bonded.

Alix Angelis as Sara

Alix Angelis will be seen playing the role of the protagonist Sara in A Country Romance. Angelis also wrote the television film and is the co-founder of the production house Badcake Films.

Angelis is renowned on the theater circuit in Florida and studied Environmental Studies at UCSB before attending NYU Tisch School of the Arts Experimental Theatre Wing. She is also a founding member of an internationally-acclaimed physical theater company, Not Man Apart.

Jonathan Bennett as Gabe

Jonathan Bennett is an American actor and television host. He will play the male lead and Sara's romantic interest Gabe in the upcoming television film. Bennett was born in Ohio, but moved to New York to pursue acting. He was spotted by an agent on a train and landed a part in the ABC soap All My Children.

Bennett has also appeared in popular teenage comedies such as Mean Girls, Cheaper By the Dozen 2, and Lovewrecked. He also replaced Ryan Reynolds to play Van Wilder in Van Wilder: Freshman Year.

Violet Tinnirello as Mabel

Violet Tinnirello is an American actor, singer, and dancer from New York's Hudson Valley who is known for her work as Charlie on Sesame Street. She will be seen in the role of Mabel in A Country Romance, and could be related to Gabe as his niece. In the trailer, Mabel tells Gabe,

"I think you should marry her (Sara)."

She was cast in the film in 2020, and traveled to Oklahoma, where A Country Romance became the first live-action production to film in North America since the pandemic halted production, according to Tinnirello's website. She has also appeared in the 2019 comedy series What We Do in the Shadows and in the 2019 movie Cubby.

Randy Wayne as Ben

Randy Wayne was born in Oklahoma. The actor and producer is known for Reagan, Hellraiser: Judgment, and To Save a Life. He was a series regular in the 2006 ABC series Sons & Daughters, and had a recurring role in the 2017 Blip.tv digital series The Bay.

James Austin Kerr as Caleb

James Austin Kerr is an American actor and writer from Oklahoma. Austin Kerr is known for Queen of the South, Awake, and Thirteen Minutes.

Darryl Cox as Frank

Darryl Cox (Image via IMDb)
Darryl Cox (Image via IMDb)

Darryl Cox will essay the role of Frank, Sara's father, in A Country Romance. Cox is an actor and director, born in Germany in 1955. He is known for Arlington Road, Bottle Rocket, and RoboCop.

Mike Page as Walter

Mike Page (Image via IMDb)
Mike Page (Image via IMDb)

Mike Page was born Michael Anthony Page, and is known for appearing in Gremlin's Curse, Infamous, and Awake.

Austin Highsmith as Grace

Austin Highsmith (Image via IMDb)
Austin Highsmith (Image via IMDb)

Austin Highsmith was born Austin Highsmith Garces in North Carolina. She is an actor and producer known for Dolphin Tale, Scream: The TV Series, and Criminal Minds.

A Country Romance will premiere on UPtv on October 2, 2022.

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