Spring Break Nightmare on LMN: Cast list and characters explored

Spring Break Nightmare (Image via LMN)
Spring Break Nightmare (Image via LMN)

LMN's new thriller movie, Spring Break Nightmare, is all set to premiere on the channel on Thursday, March 16, 2023.

The film tells the story of two best friends who go on a spring break trip, which soon turns into a nightmare when one of them mysteriously disappears. Here's the official synopsis of the movie, as per LMN:

''Kayla and Ally are the best of friends when they’re not competing against each other in the Global Surf Association. They decide to take a Spring Break trip with friends to a beach paradise. Kayla has “acted out”, since her father’s death, but her mother could never imagine that Kayla would just vanish! Upon arriving on the island with Kayla’s boyfriend Nick to start the search for her, Michelle struggles to get any help.''

The description further reads:

''As her hope dwindles, Michelle receives an anonymous ransom note and a video… Kayla has been kidnapped! As Michelle works to handle the kidnappers’ demands and threats and get her daughter back safely, she uncovers the horrible truth that she and Kayla may have been betrayed by those closest to her… her win-at-all-costs-BFF Ally or her gambling addict boyfriend Nick, both of whom were well aware of the large inheritance left to Kayla.''

The film features Kristi Murdoch in the lead role, along with various others playing important supporting roles. It is helmed by Dylan Vox, with the screenplay penned by Bryan Dick.

LMN's Spring Break Nightmare cast list: Kristi Murdoch and others to star in new thriller movie

1) Kristi Murdoch as Michelle

Actress Kristi Murdoch dons the lead role of Michelle in LMN's Spring Break Nightmare. Michelle is Kayla's mother who sets out to search for her missing daughter. It is her journey to find her daughter that forms the emotional core of the story.

Kristi Murdoch looks impressive in the film's trailer, promising to deliver a powerful performance in the movie. Apart from Spring Break Nightmare, Kristi Murdoch has been a part of a number of movies and shows like Something's Brewing, My Nightmare Office Affair, and Funny Little Christmas, to name a few.

2) Grace Patterson as Ally

Grace Patterson dons the role of Ally in the new Lifetime thriller movie. Ally is Kayla's best friend with whom she goes on a spring break vacation following which Kayla disappears. Ally seems to be one of the suspects involved in her best friend's mysterious disappearance.

Grace Patterson has previously starred in numerous other films like Secret Diary of a Cheerleader, Deadly Cheer Mom, Want to Hear A Story?, and many more.

3) Kalen Bull as Kayla

Kalen Bull stars as Kayla in Spring Break Nightmare. Kayla goes missing on her spring break trip with her best friend. Her disappearance forms the crux of the plot, and it'll be interesting to see how the film will explore her character.

Kalen Bull's other acting credits include Her Deadly Boyfriend, Dying to be a Cheerleader, and more.

Apart from the aforementioned actors, the film also stars various others in pivotal supporting roles like:

  • Michael Bonini as Zeke
  • Lauren Faulkner as Becky
  • Stephen Simon as Detective Fisher

Don't forget to catch Spring Break Nightmare on LMN on Thursday, March 16, 2023, at 8 pm ET.

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