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Hospital Playlist season 2, episode 8: Gyeo-ul is away from Jeong-won who struggles with news of his mother’s diagnosis

Hospital Playlist season 2, episode 8 sees Jeong-won struggle with the news of his mother being diagnosed as suffering from Alzheimer's. Just until Hospital Playlist season 2, episode 7, Jeong-won was ready to embark on an exciting new chapter in his life.

He was ready to propose to Gyeo-ul and had prepared to confess to her at a church. Gyeo-ul, however, gets a call from her hometown about her mother being hurt and admitted to a hospital. So she had to rush back and in Hospital Playlist season 2, episode 8 she gives Jeong-won more bad news.


Why does Gyeo-ul believe that she cannot return to Seoul in Hospital Playlist season 2, episode 8?

In Hospital Playlist season 2, episode 8, Jeong-won gets a call from Gyeo-ul as she explains that she has to go home because of a family emergency. She does not provide details regarding the emergency, but instead tells Jeong-won that she would tell him everything later, when she returns to Seoul.

However, it is unclear if Gyeo-ul will get a chance to return. As of now, it seems that her mother is being physically abused by her husband, and Gyeo-ul will have to sort out the issue before she returns. It seems that she expects to be held down in her hometown much longer because she also tells Jeong-won that she may not be back in Seoul for a while.


When did Jeong-won learn that his mother suffers from Alzheimer's in Hospital Playlist season 2, episode 8?

Jeong-won's mother realizes that something is up with her memory when she forgets an important wedding in the family. Following this, she also forgets the code for her main door lock despite multiple attempts and the first person she reaches out to would be her son who is a doctor, or one of his friends.

So it is not surprising that Jeong-won's mother reached out to Song-hwa who specializes in neurology for a consultation. From the look on Song-hwa's face, it is clear that the condition was severe. Jeong-won also learns about his mother's condition and he struggles alone with the news.

He does have the support of his friends Ik-jun, Jun-wan, Seok-Kyung and Song-hwa, but having Gyeo-ul around would have been of great help. The question now is whether Jeong-won can empathize with Gyeo-ul's situation in Hospital Playlist season 2, episode 8 while he struggles with problems himself.


This separation and the individual struggles that the two of them face may bring about a rift in their relationship, and is something that fans of the couple must wait and watch out for.

The episode centers around this conflict and any follow up to Ik-jun's disappointment after camping or Jun-wan's respone to finding out that Ik-sun had returned to Seoul will likely take a back seat.

Hospital Playlist season 2, episode 8 stars Jo Jung-suk, Yoo Yeon-seok, Jung Kyung-ho, Kim Dae-myung and Jeon Mi-do in lead roles and is broadcast on tvN every Thursday in South Korea. International audiences can stream the show on Netflix.


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